Took a playground area and a single on the toilet

One of the participants of the rally were holding placards "constructions — no! Children — playground construction forbid!" During a rally attended several policemen, but they do not interfere with and turned away from the camera.
Inhabitants of the house they say that they want to defend their right to their own kids to play and live. In addition, House closes sun kindergarten sanatorium for unhealthy children. Builders also tore down the only public restroom in the neighborhood.
In a statement to the Prosecutor General of Belarus citizens wrote that feel "Completely defenseless against the tyranny of the authorities."
They are outraged that the administration of Russian district is unwilling to meet with them. Now again they rally participants have not waited. In the letter they received from the district administration said: say, all agreed and legitimate. Meanwhile already collected more than 300 signatures against the construction of the inhabitants of the house.
Lady: "I took the kids childhood — all swing destroyed. Nowhere to walk. And lead us all in the cement bag.’s Because — live and breathe. This is a violation of sanitary norms."
Man: "The authorities ignored the collective appeal."

Lady: "kids’ rights are violated at every turn."
Lady: "There are public toilets, only to fly" greenish meadow. " We converted the area into stone tropical undergrowth. "
Lady: "Meeting the inhabitants was not conducted, the survey was conducted. Commercial object.
Lady: "Yesterday we were denied in the drafting of the protocol with respect to the offense on the ground of the playground. It was a fence, no passport facility. We called the police, but it was not protocol. I think that there huge amounts of money involved, and people’s interests are ignored. People in general — nothing. "
Man: "Our yard is a semicircle. And we currently sealed the last sale. Than will not breathe. If there is no wind, there stands managed."
Lady: "We are all sold, shameful and sad because of our government. During our president!"

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