Traffic police officer was removed from the courtroom

Traffic police believe that "shield" was not, and their colleagues acted accordingly annotations.
Let me remind you, Major Gennady Dorogokuptsa and lieutenant Alexei Likhtarovich trial on charges of abuse of office — they did Tipo "human shield" of cars with people to suspend drunk driver.
Who is interviewed during the last 2-witnesses. Lieutenant Colonel Yury Troyan, Minsk traffic police who heads the organization of the movement during the investigation referred to acts of their own colleagues "unprofessional." But in court, he changed to a more critical assessment of the positive.
"In my opinion, a stopping place car" Golf "was chosen more successfully, to avoid more languid consequences."
Meanwhile, the court was cited abstract, according to which the compulsory dissolution of vehicles is prohibited on the bridges (remember "human shield" was organized by the first ascent of the bridge at the end of the Slutsky highway).
Noteworthy that some of the questions on the witness Trajan did not answer. Namely, on the question of the judge Ira Maiko allowed annotation to create congestion on the road from cars to public officials. "I can not answer," — said Lieutenant Colonel Yury Troyan.
At the request of counsel for the accused to the court was now Oleg Andreenko, identified himself as an eyewitness. Meanwhile, in the documents of the investigation was not an eyewitness. Oleg Andreenko said that the scene he Tipo came to help victims. The main witness in his testimony was that he beheld Tipo on police cars include flashing beacons that require all drivers to the brakes.
Meanwhile, none of the injuries were vyznat this witness as a person who was at the scene. Injured Yuri Pashkevych reads as follows:

Andreenko came out of nowhere during the investigation it was not. He obviously gives evidence in favor of the employees of GAI.

"The people who were on the scene, I know. Know their phones. A this man came out of nowhere during the investigation it was not. He obviously gives evidence in favor of the traffic police officers. "
Now again not without incident happened in the courtroom. In the poll witnesses laughed aloud one of the employees of traffic police, who were sitting in the last benches. On the demand Vera Stramkouskaya referee removed the man from the audience.
Meanwhile, colleagues of the accused and after judicial investigation believe that those acting right, just "not enough time". That’s what I said a man in civilian who introduced "a traffic policeman Nikolai V.":
"Theydid everything, that may be, to protect people — pedestrians who were walking through the town. For them they tried. Just have them do not have enough time. It all goes well in the movie — a week is gearing up to take the necessary time to ZIL and later take pictures. And then all of a sudden appeared. "
Correspondent"Have such operations, such" live shields "before?"

If they were in our skin would not have this laughter in the audience.

Militiaman. "Remember in the movie Vitsyn Morgunov Nikulin and hold hands, already almost scared. This was the first" shield. "(Laughs) In the" human shield ", as you says, I could not go to work, my father in law , mother-in-law to the country. ‘Cause no one specially prepared and can not blame anyone. "
The victim Lena Kolpakov with such views do not agree:
"If they were in our skin would not have this laughter in the audience. I understand professional solidarity that they support each other, but be fair to the end — it is the duty of everyone, especially the guys who wear uniforms."
Now the judicial inquiry was completed in. For victims and their Vera Stramkouskaya, it was conducted impartially. Tomorrow during a debate sides.

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