Tribunal: Mass shootings personally concerning people

Activist ensure that the tribunal ordered the executive committee to give him the opportunity to learn the material made by the executive committee commission that in May last year was concerned with the results of the excavations in the woods near Gomel. There wasfound the remains of about 70 people, including The 66 — civilian persons.
That said after the announcement that the judgmentKonstantin Zhukovsky:
"On my side — the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. It guarantees me the right to information. It does not say, for me something or does not apply. I have the right to information. Arbitrator refused me — and thus violated the Constitution. I would appeal the decision."
Representatives of the Gomel regional executive committee in court — Counsel Lena Gloss and district military commissar Vladimir Dorofeev — Asked to dismiss the complaint on the grounds that Constantine personally Tipo Zhukovsky remains found in the woods are not.
Counsel Executive Committee also argued that any statements to the commission about the found remains have been reported.
But the papers brought by counsel to the tribunal found the statement of the sovereign Zhukovsky.
The court explained to the activist that gave even drive in the district executive committee made a commission with the video testimony inhabitants Prybytkavskaga Agriculture Council of mass executions of peaceful inhabitants in the 30s in the woods south of Gomel.
In the words of Zhukovsky, "Stalin Line was held at virtually every Belarusian city." But the Commission is not involved in the Executive Committee interviewed witnesses, not an expertise age of the trees, beneath which vykopvalisya human skull with holes in the back.
"We — not the prosecutor’s office to assign expertise," — said Mrs. luster.
She could not answer what burial excavated last year in May 52 fighters of the separate search battalion of the Ministry of Defense — military or civilian.
Transpired during the trial and quite sudden incident. Last year in July, the commission replied that no examination results the found human remains. Meanwhile the court ruling was announced on May 28, 2007 the principal investigator particularly Affairs Gomel district prosecutor Kruchenki refusal to initiate a criminal investigation into the found human remains, as they have 60-80-year-old antique.
In the investigator’s decision and said the remains of 3 soldiers, found separately nearby roadside restaurant "Chabarok" — on the ground Babovitskaga Agriculture Council.
Military Commissioner Dorofeev read in court remains have 4 soldiers reburied in Duyanavtsy.
Sixty-six of the remains of civilian people, found during excavations in Prybytkavskim village council, autumn reburied in a cemetery in the village of Tsagelnya. There is speculation that the remains of three or four soldiers "hidden" 66 remains peaceful inhabitants in order to give the latest victims of color second World War I.

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