TSAGI conducts research for Embraer

Experts set the strength of the Central hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Meni NE Zhukovsky completed the test multifunctional aeroelastic models of promising high aspect ratio wing passenger aircraft.

Work was carried out in cooperation with the Brazilian firm "Embraer» (Embraer). The experiments were conducted in a transonic wind tunnel T-128.

As reported in the TsAGI, the model for the original data suggested specialists of "Embraer", designed and manufactured scientists separation standards of strength, loads and aeroelasticity TsAGI. Its design allows you to explore the characteristics of aero-elasticity for several versions of endings, vary the stiffness of the pylon and the center wing, aileron speed and position of center of mass of the engine. Inside, the model was set inertial excitation system of elastic waves, driven by a miniature electro-hydraulic drive. With this system model are called and registered in the flow of forced oscillation and free flow.

The measurement system consisted of more than 110 channels of data acquisition. During the work measured deformation of the wing and the main springs, speed (more than 30 points, depending on the configuration), and also included the measurement of unsteady pressures in the three sections of the wing (60 points). The model was designed to study the characteristics of flutter. In addition, the test program included the measurement of the steady pressure field by barochuvstvitelnyh coatings.

The combined team of specialists of TsAGI and the company "Embraer" successfully completed the planned program of research and is currently analyzing and processing the data, noted in TsAGI.

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