TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports of Russia in 2011 in a segment of the Air Force

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In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of Russian exports of military aircraft in 2011 TSAMTO included one contract, two intentions and 7 of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

The rating includes only those programs for which in 2011 were carried out activities that involve the completion of a stage (that is, it is, for example, contracting, negotiating the terms of delivery, completion of a stage for the joint development, licensing program and the actual delivery).

In this regard, a number of major ongoing programs for which the year 2011 was not planned completion of a particular phase of the work, the rating is not included. For example, it major programs with India to develop a fifth-generation fighter, the development of military transport aircraft MTA, adaptation of the Kyrgyz Republic "BrahMos" on the Su-30MKI. Implementation of a number of key steps for the implementation of these programs is planned for 2012. In the TOP-10 not included a number of major ongoing long-term programs that take place as scheduled on previously signed contracts, for example, a program licensed production of Su-30MKI fighters in India.

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In view of the foregoing, top rating of TSAMTO in 2011, he has been signed with India for an intergovernmental protocol from 2000 to supply kits for licensed assembly of 42 additional Su-30MKI fighters.

The following places in the ranking are occupied by the following programs.

2. Delivery of Vietnam Su-30MK2

3. Delivery of Indian Navy aircraft MiG-29K/KUB

4. The implementation of the contract for the modernization of the MiG-29 Indian Air Force

5. Delivery Algeria trainer aircraft Yak-130

6. Delivery Algeria Su-30MKA second batch

7. Uganda delivery of Su-30MK2

8. Delivery of Myanmar Air Force MiG-29

9. The contract with China for the supply of three military transport aircraft Il-76 from the presence of the Defense Ministry

10. Negotiating the terms of a contract with Indonesia to supply six Su-30MK2

Other programs that are not included in the TOP-10

India. Transfer of the Indian Air Force the next Tu-142ME after overhaul at Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev. In early December, the long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142ME (tail number 312) aircraft of the Indian Navy, the last major overhaul to the Beriev Aircraft Company. GM Beriev was handed over to the customer.

India. The program supplies two additional Indian Air Force AWACS aircraft "Falcon" on the basis of IL-76. India intends to sign an agreement for the purchase of two additional AWACS aircraft "Falcon". The contract is in the final stage of approval. The cost of the two planes, according to unofficial information, may reach 800 million dollars.

India. Other programs.

HAL company in recent years has accelerated the schedule of licensed production of the Su-30MKI. In 2011, according to data from various sources, were produced under license from 25 to 28 cars.

Among other major ongoing programs should be mentioned together with the Russian program to develop a fifth generation fighter and military transport aircraft MTA. In addition, work is continuing on the adaptation of the KR "BrahMos" on the Su-30MKI.

Malaysia. The Russian side has fulfilled its obligations to supply equipment for the center for repair and maintenance of Su-30MKM to Malaysia.

In 2012, will be completed and put into operation a service and technical service center for Su-30MKM, based on which the work will be carried out on aircraft delivered earlier this country. Center will be established at the Malaysian Air Force airbase "Gong Kedah."

In April 2011, at an air base "Gong Kedah" was opened center for training pilots of Su-30MKM Malaysian Air Force.

Jordan. Russia had planned in 2011 to complete a contract for the supply of Air Jordan's two military transport aircraft Il-76MF-EI. To date, the official data are available on the transfer of a single aircraft.

The contract to supply Jordan two Il-76MF-EI is the latest joint project of Russia and Uzbekistan on the program of IL-76.

Mongolia. Mongolia is in talks with Russia on the purchase of five MiG-29 fighters. In Mongolia, there is no Air Force MiG-29. In the 1977-1984 years. Mongolia bought 44 MiG-21, but in the state of airworthiness are now only ten of them.

Syria. According to reports, Syria signed a contract for the delivery of a Yak-130UBS. Perhaps the preparatory work for the implementation of this contract have already started. In addition, Syria has long been a contract was signed to supply 24 fighter MiG-29M/M2. At the moment of delivery under the contract has not yet begun.

Russia is implementing a number of programs in the military aircraft segment. A full version of the article will be published in the magazine "World trade in arms» № 12. The paper will be presented as a separate section on deliverable programs and contracts for aircraft engines for military aircraft.

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