Two procession, two rallies

Rally in memory ended by laying flowers on the graves of executed victims of Stalinist repression. Active participants of the action were not divided by party affiliation and together lit candles and laid flowers. First meeting became chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski
the cross. Specifically, there gathered marchers who walked from the "East" cemetery.
"Lists for the execution of people, of course, most of them exported to Kurapaty in 1937-1940 years, personally approved by Stalin and Molotov. Sadly recognizable list of September 15, 1937, where Stalin and Molotov put their autographs in condemning in the first category, and it means shot in Minsk 103 persons. Of these persons, 36 — known writers and journalists to other famous people. Here is the color of our intelligentsia. "
During the rally sounded poems dedicated Dzyady.
"Tablecloth a bed for mom
And softly from the house.
Put on the table of food,
Dining grandfathers.
Kraychik put on bread,
Took a candle lit.
For all table called mom

And quietly in the house "… Favourite unregistered organization "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich
Addressing the gathering.
"The latest revival of Belarus 20 years ago as the Belarusian People’s Front began with Kurapaty. They began with honoring the victims of Communist terror.
As for the sake of national revival in Belarus rose again, we very principle realize that without repentance, without honoring the history, without an analysis of the errors that were prepared our predecessors, we will not achieve anything. "
Lavon Barshcheuski remembered that in Kurapaty there are only two graves that are the names of the dead. On the other are just nameless crosses. He urged all to light candles and lay flowers.
Meanwhile rally at the monument began spokesman Conservative Christian Party BPF Valery Buffalo. He read a proclamation calling Poznyak remember people who etched in Kurapaty — writers, poets, scientists, and Eugene Shmygaleva, subscriber article "Kurapaty — the road of perdition." Then he took the word Deputy Poznyak
Yury Belenky:
"I remember the memoirs of people who beheld as here Kurapaty pits kneeling men and shot them in the head. So Our homeland, Russian en-ka-ES dizm wants to put on his knees the whole nations and kill them."
At the end of the rally also sounded a verse dedicated to this date. There were prayers before crosses. If each grave were flowers and lighted candles.

Policemen in civil action followed and filmed the protesters at the camera. Tags:, kurapaty, rallies, procession

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