Types of massage

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Depending on the purpose for which used massage, it can be divided into several types: healing, segmental-reflex, hygienic, self-massage and others.

Furthermore, there are various forms of massage depending on the area of influence of massage techniques (general and local) and on who manufactures massage (massage, performed by a massage therapist, a mutual massage or self-massage).

Vary and methods of massage (foot, hand, hardware, and combined).

Separately, you can highlight the highly specialized massages. For example, anti-cellulite massage, which shown in cellulite — it enhances blood circulation, which gradually stimulates metabolism and as a consequence, the release of fat from the cells, followed by removing it from the body. In this case, anti-cellulite massage treatments, if necessary with the alternate procedures lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage massage itself — is massage, aimed at strengthening the lymph flow. It can be used as a standalone and a helper method in the treatment of various diseases of the internal organs (allows removal of inflammation, restoring mobility, removal of adhesions), in particular, with bronchopulmonary diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and urological diseases. It can be conducted as a manual method, and using the apparatus.

Pressure therapy, or pneumomassage — is lymphatic drainage massage legs, hips, buttocks and lower abdomen with alternating air pressure. When you put pressure therapy original volume trousers, inside equipped with the length of pneumatic chambers. The unit comes on — and like an elastic roller massages your feet. It is popular for cameras that are in a particular order are filled with air. Pressotherapy connect to eliminate swelling, heaviness in the legs, to the treatment of the same cellulite — on the second stage when you should use the enhanced lymph withdraw destroyed fat cells. Plus: pressure therapy — a good prevention of varicose veins and poor bowel movement.

A whole range of diseases immune to treatment with acupressure. This is quite an ancient art, which is a type of acupuncture — a technique based on the impact on certain parts of the nervous system.

One of the most popular types of massage are various options for Whirlpool, based on the combined effects of water and air.

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