Types of peeling

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Peeling — way to remove the stratum corneum of the skin cells and protect the young growing cells. Most often used for exfoliating scrubs, creams and gels for the body, containing small particles of dense vegetation and artificial origin. In addition to exfoliating effect, scrubs have astringent and refreshing effect.

Oily skin with a scrub brush once a week, dry — once every 2 weeks. It is much more likely to use scrubs, elbows, knees, soles and other places subject to keratinization. All of these tools are mild exfoliation, which can be done at home. However, in the arsenal of tools to help preserve this beauty, there are those that can only be used by professionals.

Chemical peelscan be carried out only in the beauty clinic. Doctor-beautician applied to the skin weak solutions of various (mostly fruit) acids. Depth peeling depends on the type of acid, its concentration and the skin sensitivity of the individual woman.

This method was successfully used in the treatment of oily skin, acne, prevention of aging and age-related correction of defects, pigmentation. With deep peels are cautioned malignancies as dangerous cells are removed from the epidermis. The number of sessions and type of acid is appointed doctor depending on the age and condition of the patient's skin.

For the sake of beauty will have to wait some time (24-48 hours), redness of the skin, followed by a peeling like after a sunburn. Temporary inconvenience should not frighten the patient: 2 weeks skin transformed, becoming unusually soft and smooth.

Mechanical peelingcarried out manually by special devices (vacuum cleaning, ultrasound, brossazh). At Brossazh cosmetologist for steaming the skin causes a gel or emulsion. The impact made by the rotating brushes of different degrees of hardness. Vacuum cleaning cause partial exfoliation of the epidermis, that promotes blood flow, opens the pores, increase blood circulation. Ultrasonic peeling carried out with the help of devices that generate a certain frequency ultrasound, so there is a deep cleansing, displays products of sweat and sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation.

Laser peels— Treatment of facial skin (including eyelids) laser beam. The layer of the epidermis dies, and in 2-3 weeks, a layer of young skin. Two months later, the skin comes to normal and beneficial impact becomes obvious. Fade fine lines, deep wrinkles are smoothed and the skin become less noticeable, fading age spots and pigmentation. Select the appropriate type of Peeling help advice from an experienced cosmetologist.

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