U.S. figured out how to win China

U.S. figured out how to win China
Base at least some of the war — the hype, the old Chinese strategist wrote Shove Tzu. The Pentagon, of course, has adopted this command when the script has developed a military campaign against China. She anticipates that in response to U.S. anger at first «blind» missile systems and radar opponent, and then deploy a large-scale attack on the sea and in the air.

This has long been a hidden agenda there, but had acquired urgency this year after U.S. President Barack Obama has called attention to the important military Asia. The purpose of leaks to the press is to instill Chinese generals idea of ​​boundless military advantages America.

Drafting likely scenario of a major war with China is engaged in a small department in the Ministry of Defense. His staff has for the past 20 years make plans for a military campaign against China. Naturally, specifically China’s first act begins fighting. And in response to the U.S. deploying a counteroffensive. High priority will be «the destruction of sophisticated radar and missile systems. China has made them specifically in order to not let the South American coast to own ships. «

So look first hours of the war, according to the document, which is kind of at the disposal of the Washington Post. Here the main work to be done to South American bombers — the invisible and submarines. Then followed by strikes from air and sea wider scale. In short, unfold, in the terminology of the Pentagon, «battle at sea and in the air.»

Department of «pure ratings», which is headed «futurist» Andrew Marshall, has spent the past few months about 200 games on the script. Intensification of work associated with the configuration of the U.S. military strategy.

When a huge number of American soldier fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, «the battle of the sea and air,» not lured to discover special attention. But now, a decade when there was the fight with the rebels, ending; steel trim the military budget, and in the center of the U.S. strategy was Asia. That’s where the idea of ​​coming out of «net assessments», began to occupy the minds of senior officials of the Pentagon.

Explaining turn towards China, South American bureaucrats indicate that its military budget rose to 180 billion. dollars, in other words, up to 1/3 of the budget of the Pentagon. (According to official data of Beijing, its military spending significantly less than those that believe in the United States.) Another argument in favor of the development of anti-Chinese scenario is that China is behaving more and more tightly in the South China Sea.

But of course, also that part rassekrechivaya scenario Washington wants to exert psychological pressure on Beijing. «We wish to introduce doubt into the minds of the Chinese warlords who make long plans. Let them lost the desire to throw a challenge to us, «- said a senior naval officer, U.S., who preferred to remain anonymous.

In Beijing, the Pentagon’s calculations perceive as a provocation. Chinese officer at an international seminar in London, said: «People’s Liberation Army of China is committed to creating ways to counter the South American» battle at sea and in the air. «

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