U.S. offers as parliamentary elections in Belarus

This statement was made to AFP salting USA in Belarus Karen Stewart by telephone from Washington.
"We are ready as ever to consider ways to improve our relationship. But it is dependent on the steps of the Belarusian authorities and the situation in the area Human Rights, which was the reason for our sanctions. We are waiting for the release of political prisoners and forward as parliamentary elections. "
Ms. Stewart has allocated that Washington as before insisting on the release of all political prisoners, including former candidate for 2006 presidential election Alexander Kozulin and 2-activists condemned already This year.
"Follow fundamental milestone with which we associate hopes for positive changes in the Belarusian political life — the parliamentary elections and the campaign period ahead of them," — said Ms. Stewart.
According to her, the future parliamentary elections will be a major test of "the ability of Lukashenka to its logical end usmotritelnye earlier moves towards readiness for reform." And in the case of positive U.S. configurations will be ready for a dialogue with Belarus. Tags: elections, political prisoners, USA, Stuart

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