Ubel — Lake: Farmstead nobody will not build on recent

May 5, 1819 in the estate Ubel that Igumenschine born Stanislaw Moniuszko. 150 years later, in the village of Lake, which borders the former country manor in the school museum was created composer. By the way, the only museum in the world Moniuszko. What and how to live now birthplace creator of the first State Opera?
I have long wanted to go to a museum in the village of Stanislaw Moniuszko Lake. And was pleasantly surprised to have the most expensive. Lake neighborhood, for sure, the most scenic spots in all Igumenschine. Forest, through which the river flows Volma alternate with bolshennymi lakes and ponds. Picturesque villages, sanatoriums, children’s camps.

Reporter: "How to live in the lake?"
Basil: "Yesterday closed the school."
Reporter: "Okay …"
Basil: "I feel so. At 60 years. A teacher — who goes where."
Reporter: "Staying the same."
Basil: "No, actually closed the school. All went to the front."
Reporter: "Such a serious building."
Basil: "If I had money, I would have bought and would make hotel cafe would organize."
Reporter: "And people they say, teacher? "
Basil: "Teachers are now — people adjective. Or drive 30 miles to work, or write an application for the dismissal."

Karespannt: "Sorry for the indiscreet question. Car with teachers’ salaries?"

Ira: "Initially, the Poles have found this place, Ubel. Indeed, it was gone after 40 fourth year. We have a farm and village Ubel Ubel. Because confused where he Ubel. Farmstead Ubel burned because no one knew where he was. If old cards have found this place, whereupon began collecting material in school. And doing this director. Nesterovich Vasily. "
Reporter: "What are you most proud of?"
Ira: "If you take out the exhibits, the real concerning Stanislaw Moniuszko, no nothing. Has not remained in Belarus. A capital fund includes suits, drives, and hints. Drawings everything — it’s a copy. Unfortunately. Therefore afterdnie years he lived and worked in Warsaw. And all his things, notes, records, all that remained there. "
Reporter: "Can you give a hint to the idea."
Ira: "Prompt."
Reporter: "If a person comes here, include music Moniuszko."
Ira: "She’s always on. Has now been incorporated."
Reporter: "I am with my know-how …"
Ira: "You and your know-how long in the lumen. How many museum discs lost, and now got a computer."
Under festive Monyushek "Requiem" it took a dull turn.
Ira "How we get to the museum, is unclear. We sit as a minefield. That the museum will be? So as to take it out of this place in Cherven Ubel then disappear. Museum must be where the composer was born. We fish farm "Volma" too laid eyes. Maybe a hotel. Building remains. But who will be the owner, is not yet clear. "

Ira: "Farmstead nobody will not build on the latest. Dept. no. Shults with the world does not have to administer."
Reporter: "And what would be the thought!"
Ira: "And the idea was. Were even archaeological excavations, documentation was developed. And everything comes down to money. Though well what a house there? It does not lock."
Reporter: "1-story, wood …"
Ira: "With mezaninam farm alike. Normal to the 19th century. Was supposed to be like in Chopin in Zelazowa Wola. Manyushkavskiya There festival."
Reporter: "Luxury thought."
Ira: "Luxury. But money is not enough for this idea."

Kulikovskii: "Strictly, asetar not yet in large sizes, but the divorce. In Last year 1,200 tons of commercial fish grown. We already have gained volumes Russian times . "
Reporter: "How to make so that wages were growing up?"
Kulikovskii: "If the heart or live in the past or in the future, then roll sad. At our average salary for past year — 700 thousand. For the village a lot. Hard. At this point it is necessary to turn and more people, and management. To say that we live worse, I can not. More difficult? So.

Reporter: "She’s living in these waters here?
Rybgasnik: "Yes. There water is pumped."
Reporter: "And this is a special kind of water?"
Rybgasnik: "It’s a well. How much money is gone!"
As called paradise, says Misha Times Union.
Rybgasnik: "According 200-250 wages come out. Previously held every pig, chicken, for the moment it does not."
Misha indicates to me the settlement document.
Rybgasnik: "Worked 27 working days and received 495 thousand. I feel feeble."
Reporter: "And they fed some promises? On average Belarusian wages?"

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