Under the dictatorship of the people believe that all evil — not about their

Here is what reflects on this occasion Tatiana Protko, former chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, which not so long ago was our public editor.
Protko: "In 1-x, this reluctance to take responsibility for their destiny and that of their own country, the fate of those people, that close. Very comfortable, when for all the answers either Stalin or Lukashenko, or anyone else — not you.

Under the dictatorship at some point a bell will ring for each

In-2-dictatorship from time to time enables people to find their niche. Oh, so we have at the moment? Everyone seems to be that they have found a niche and can live somehow. And people do not realize that under the dictatorship at some point a bell will ring for each of them. As with the directors of large factories and every ordinary man — before or later.
But this desire to delay such moment, to persuade himself that the bell will not ring for me … This feature children — believe in what you are unique in the world is immune, and all bad — it’s about others, not for you. "

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