Under the hum from the Eastern cemetery to Kurapaty Forest

About five hundred people gathered today at the Eastern Cemetery. Among them were the chairman of BPF, Lavon Barshcheuski his deputies, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Viktor Ivashkevich, Alexei Yanukevich Chairman of the Joint civilian party, Anatoly Lebedko favorite "Young Front". Zmitser Dashkevich Participants of the rally laid flowers on the graves, Vladimir Korotkevich, Pimen Panchenko, Misha Tkachev, Vasil Bykov, Anatoly Bogatyrev, Gennady Karpenko Igor Hermyanchuk
Belarusian and other recognizable figures. Laying flowers at the tomb of Vasil Bykov Barshcheuski Lavon said:
"Before the death of Vladimir Korotkevich Vasil Bykov not very keen on public display any of their properties, which he really had. As favorite Belarusian civilization Belarusian Renaissance. But his sense of duty, honor and pros said he once walked in the perfect world of Vladimir Korotkevich that it should take place in front of it. And precisely because of him and formed the People’s Front movement as particularly extensive. When people learned that Vasil Bykov went to the Organizing Committee of the Popular Front, many people are intellectuals, workers joined the Popular Front movement. Just now accounts for day the fourth anniversary of when the stone brought from distant Finnish brown rocks was installed here. This stone greatness is not only the spirit of the warrior Bykov. This greatness of spirit and potential of the Belarusian land. " Participants in the event of prominent Belarusians sang "God Almighty" at the tomb of Vasil Bykov. After that they moved from the East column cemetery in Kurapaty forest. Participants of the rally were carrying a huge amount of white-red-white flags, and the head of the column rumble. Ales whitewashed
"This bell Chernobyl, is the bell Khatyn it hum Kurapaty. Languid It just hum that is in heart of the Belarusians." One of the organizers of the march Viktor Ivashkevich
noted, it is disappointing that it’s fewer people than he expected.
"It is for each prazdnichek and personal. And access to Dzyady first needed me for internal psychic energy vmatsavannya.Tamu I pity those people who are sitting at the moment in homes and whine that they are not prospects."
Comparing the current procession with the action that occurred on Dzyady 20 years ago, the emperor Ivashkevich said:
"I see that even in a society like no sense of ability to change lately. And because not enough people who would go out for the first time. At the same time a large part came out for the first time. And to them it was indescribable courageous act. Those who go for the moment. They did not have time left on the action. But joining a mass of new people yet. "
In the midst of the marchers were many young people. Activists civilian campaign "European Belarus" carried placards reading "No to repressions. Alexander Barazenka freedom. " Painter Alexei Marochkin
relatively processions said:

"20 years ago on a hill, on the field waving the only white-red-white flag. And now do not have enough fingers and how many of them. Fun that we do not forget our Protz. And most importantly, that of Santa 88th year to the future grandfathers still procession will be fruitful. And there is this kind of optimism. " Tags:, procession

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