Unilever tea-packing factory in St. Petersburg begins to export production

Tea-packing factory Unilever (St. Petersburg) launches its export production. The company, which today is one of the largest in the Russian and European tea industry, has received a significant number of orders for products to consumers in foreign countries. This is the first such project in the history of the factory.
In 2011, the company will supply products under the Lipton brand name in Turkey, Singapore, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Israel, as well as in a number of states of the European Union. Will be issued for the export of several kinds of tea bag-pyramids. It is planned that the volume of export production will be about 30 million pyramids per year, of which about 18 million will be allocated to the European countries (France, Finland, Spain, Portugal, etc.).

Recall that in March 2010 at the tea-packing factory was carried out significant upgrade, installed additional lines for the packaging of tea. The total investment in the expansion of production was then 11 million euros. As a result, the production area was increased by 60 per cent of storage — up to 50 percent. All this has given the company an opportunity to sign new contracts to export products, while continuing to steadily increase production of tea for the domestic market.

"Our businesses in Russia have long been the largest production cluster to export products abroad. For example, perfumes, cosmetics Unilever, manufactured at the St. Petersburg factory for the production of personal care and household products, are regularly placed on the market, not only the CIS, but also in most countries of Western Europe. We are very proud of the fact that the tea-packing factory and now has proven its competitiveness and willingness to meet the tastes of consumers in different countries ", — says Irina Kurachenkova, Manager, Corporate Affairs Group Unilever in St. Petersburg.

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