US Navy drones entering an era — Chinese sources

US Navy drones entering an era - Chinese sources
Not so long ago, the US Navy made a breakthrough in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes, the era of UAVs in the South American Navy began reports now
May 14 aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier «George Bush» was first performed off layout shock UAV X-47B. Although this unit is still far from gaining actual combat abilities, first take off from the deck reads about achieving great success.
May 22 to take off specially designed for Navy strategic reconnaissance UAV MQ-4C Triton (pictured), made on the basis of RQ-4 Global Hawk. Marine UAV will lead interaction with distant patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon. The device has a wingspan of 40 meters, capable of flying at an altitude of 20 thousand feet above sea level and within 24 hours of placing intelligence tasks, with all this area observed sea surface will be almost 7 million square meters. km. It is reported that the US Navy will buy 65 such drones, first entered service 5th Fleet (doing tasks in the area of ​​Near East). Yet, before the Japanese media reported that the US Navy because of the risks from Chinese submarines stationed first MQ-4 can find the base Kadena (Japan).
May 14 the US Navy announced a small-scale production of new light UAV RQ-21, capable of carrying tactical reconnaissance.
In addition, the US Navy are going to adopt in Afghanistan tested unmanned transport helicopters K-MAX to supply ships, when the introduction of expensive manned helicopters would be difficult or impractical.

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