V. Silitski: Mackay — it LATYPOV with Belarusian roots

"But it is very Various embodiments. Take Mackey — people obviously mental, Latypova level, but with the difference that he kshtaltavavsya in Belarus, Belarusian roots. "
According Silitski, Vladimir Makey at the moment, "thrown" into public policy — previously it was shady bureaucrats now may be hallmark of the country, it will be entrusted with the mission think tank and facilitator. And Mackay able to influence decision-making. According Silitski specifically after authorities released memo Mackey of Alexander Kozulin bullpen for the funeral of his wife.
Purpose same man from the KGB border troops confirms the thesis of staff shortage and negative trends, if not in the main degradation of the Belarusian security service, said Selitskii:
"What what happened during the explosion and how it reacted to the KGB, means there processes are unclear. Certainly, Lukashenko do not trust this special service that almost deliberately gnabits her. And that was appointed by the Security Council Zhadobin means there will teach statutes and tighten drill sergeant … "

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