V. Siuchyk delayed until the mourning activities

Until shares one of its members Siuchyk was arrested police. Members of the public attended a number of graves in Kurapaty Forest. On one of the crosses have been installed fifth plaque. It shows that during the exhumation, which was carried Municipal Commission 20 years ago, there were found the remains of 62 people. Historian Igor Kuznetsov

"As an archaeologist, due to the fact that here a preparatory exhumation until 1988, they believe that this could be the burial of the remains of 180 people. But we found a sign on the basis of what actually was found in July 1988. There were things ordinary peasant life. " Nicholas Kryvaltsevich
mentioned that the exhumation was also attended by Ales Adamovich and Vasil Bykov.
"One shot, which often show in the book about Kurapaty was from this tomb. Man who yells, with arms outstretched — of this tomb. This first that beheld when started digging 10 or 11 July 1988." Then the protesters visited other graves in Kurapaty Forest, near their lighted candles and laid flowers. Always for protesters watched police. Before the rally, about the suffering of the Cross, was arrested chairman of the memorial section. Siuchyk It happened after police failed to apprehend.Yuri Belenky

M.Krivaltsevich (left). The police officer is filming the action (right).
Vyacheslav Siuchyk hold at the moment in the temporary detention of Minsk district. Policemen refused to name, whereby articles on politics made the report and what it This time accused. Tomorrow will bring a tribunal Siuchyk Minsk district. Commenting on the acts of the authorities, chairman of the Society for Protection of Monuments Ales Astapovich

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