V.Valadashchuk: it orders the Executive Committee

Sovereign Volodaschuku offered to take a deed of assignment of the room.
Month reversing mill management warned that from June 1, terminates lease premises for the newspaper. Find new premises, according to Victor Volodoschuka, hard, even personal hosts. And to This time Editorial does not have to relocate.
Victor Volodoschuk, commenting on the decision of lessors draws attention the fact that the order came from the finish rent Slonim district executive committee. So he explained to the secretary of the reception bytkombinat.
"They they say — solve their difficulties on the economic level, while they themselves secretly give orders to others," — says Victor Volodoschuk.
Because the editor in chief is convinced that the decision likely, not change. As for subsequent issue of the newspaper, then, according to the sovereign Volodoschuk, cook it out. Further says anything is unclear, because there is no place even to carry computer equipment and All other things edition.
"At this situation was involved not only our department, other departments, that have rental of premises in respect of service centers. By my views, problem solved well "- said" Freedom "ideological head of the District Executive Committee Sergei Slonimsky Yushchyk.

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