Valentin Taras: Each of us — own Bulls

Each of us — own Vasil Bykov. Oh my, I told in his book "On the peninsula of memoirs," in "The Road to Basil." On the difficult road approaching Basil — from the ordinary dating to friendship, to the highest aspects of morality and conscience in life and literature.
As for the products, then they are all important to me, this is a tremendous part of my luggage. But especially dear to me, the story "raid", which I can say, intermarried — once at the request of Basil translated it into Russian for the magazine "New World". She — of the 30s, the fate of the dispossessed peasant Feodor Rovba, escaped from Stalin’s camps to their homes, and there on him as an animal, raided. Uryvachak of this story and I read it.

Read Bykov. Throughout June, every day, on the waves of Liberty will sound Bykovskaya lines. They will read a variety of people — and close friends of the writer.

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