Vecherka in court

The meeting began with a delay over half an hour. Case Franak Vyachorka considers referee Olga Gusakova.
Franak recovery reaches the institute. In his speech, he referred to the arguments that just from 16 to 31 January, he was sitting on Akrestin and therefore could not pass two exams winter session — Russian literature and white styleRussian language. Franak believes that this respectful reason, because in fact he was very willing to get on the exam, but it is there, no one would not let go.
Apart from this F.Vyachorka refers to the fact that the rules have been violated exams. After all, he immediately appointed exam committee, and not the teacher, who read his lectures, exams because he gave the 5th, and then immediately on February 6th, and therefore did not have the ability to prepare, as required by the rules — that was more to prepare for 2-3 days.
Ms. Khoroshko — a representative of the Institute, who spoke in court — explained that indeed there this situation, When students have the opportunity to give more than 2-times to retake the exam. In this case, as it came with Franak, he was given a pass the exam only once. In addition she admitted that she really had been violated norms — Mrs. Khoroshko itself came to the court with the situation, and it was evident that she felt scattered, when she read a few fri, which contradicts the position of rector of BSU.
Performed even a lady who was not called by my name, and the referee did not reprimanded her — she acted on as a representative of the Institute and held that Franak — not the best student, although she could not answer the question why most of the guest had — Nine minutes 10s.
Now the decision has not yet will be accepted, but it should be noted that the referee allowed the group BT shoot in the courtroom. Reporter BT before it requests that the Frank, is it true that he is willing to serve in the army and because NATO refuses to serve in the Belarusian army.
Likely arbitrator has now listen to both sides, and maybe tomorrow will be made a decision. However, defense counsel claimed Marianne Syaneshka several motions, because, perhaps, that the tribunal will continue the following week.

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