Velyasypedysty — outside urban infrastructure

It was reported that the Ministry of Transport and Communications, along with MIA Dyarzhavtanspektsyyay Tipo have until June 30 to submit for the consideration of the commission unchanged guarantee road safety at the Council of Ministers of the procedure for registration of bicycles, mapedav and ATVs. But the deputy chief of the Interior Ministry traffic police gave Igor Vanitsky about this official explanation. "Traffic police with that initiative did not come out and the information does not correspond to reality," — said a police bureaucrat. The same and said basically the transport department.
Since the registration of two-ton, except for bikes in Belarus is not provided, then say exactly how many bikes running on Belarusian roads also not necessary. Can only be stated with confidence: significantly less than in Asian countries, where it is the main method of transportation in general, and the Western European countries: there is great — an indispensable attribute of the fighters for environmental safety.
In Belarus, mass distribution prevents bike first absence respective infrastructure. And if the village is great wins at least some roads and the main problem — that it was not stolen, the situation is fundamentally different town. On the main highway exit is prohibited on sidewalks movement are not welcome. As a result velyaamatary move to secondary roads, where risk of being lapped by the roadside cars, buses or trolleybuses that does not contribute to increase safety on the roads.
About dilemmas man on bike knows Nicholas — amateur with experience of movement through the town. So compatible velyasypedysty directly Minsk?
"Compatible same bike in Minsk much. But not all comfortable. For me personally uncomfortable, there is no way at the moment called, barrier-free environment. Each border to leave the roadway or to call back on the pavement — you need to engage in acrobatics or or wheel peel.
Plenty of parking for bicycles: where you can not throw a lot of great outdoors, tying him to the equipped place, and need to find a post for which you touch, or in the plant premises. A room that is not always welcome.
And virtually no velyadarozhak that based on the beliefs of traffic rules puts cyclists in some grayish zone. After all, according to the rules, it is necessary in principle to move the sidewalk — but there are pedestrians — or velyadarozhtsy. In the near future velyadarozhki pave somewhere, but do it symbolically. Painted silhouette great way — and this Tipo velyadarozhka. And on that path a dozen borders need to jump. Either Komsomol lake markup on the sidewalk and put a silhouette painted — with one side large, on the other — a pedestrian. Frame one half shall ride bicycles, but by the second people to walk. It is clear that this is not real and all who stroll and go where. "
No special tracks — the main problem of those who could and wanted to transfer to large. This concerns first of students who after the abolition of privileges and thus doubling the price of travel in public transport could significantly save on praezde. But the necessity of creation velyazonav are only discussions. The same applies to the construction velyastayanak, as not every chief will allow drag large office. In Minsk traffic police they say that you can not solve the problem of a much more global — with car parking, bike up because when the hands reach and, in the last turn.
In the past year, BSU students staged a collection of signatures in support of the idea of building on the ground velyaparkovki Institute. With such initiatives, by the way, acted in almost all metropolitan agencies, but only in BSU said it eventually implemented. However, as stated representative of the Institute Olga Shchedrin, after building parking was more severe problem — not every risk to go to school in such heavy traffic:
"Built opposite the Law Faculty parking. Made such devices, so that the chains could secure bike. All made very seriously. As pronounced in the past year, and was manufactured . "
Reporter: "And the demand, people go?"
"Strong enough, by the way. They so wish, but constantly go, maybe three or four velyasypedysty."
Reporter: "Parking is there where only drive the problem …"
"Yes, in my opinion, in This is the meanings hard. But ensure that parking was. Well done. Now let them do special track. "
Ecologist Valery Dranchuk more than a quarter century on his experience promotes great. But says that in the near future this hobby from a number of nice crosses in a plane, where he is accompanied by different tasks. And in this state, in the views of the ecologist, the cyclist — a man completely different formations:
"The person who goes to the bike in the environment begins to think differently. Great things mind. Not afraid of the word, and some environmental awareness in people. If we transplanted people at large will make the appropriate conditions, if people could work dayazhzhats a bike, people not only utter thanks. connect We are still some sections of environmental consciousness, which is very, very needed by society.
But at the moment this problem, as a person who sits on high and leaves on a city street, of course, very, very risk. Velyasypedysty are increasingly leaving the sidewalk — not yet very crowded and not very narrow. Say it is not Lithuania, squeeze somehow possible. And from time to time, moving neatly on the sidewalk (movement along the central avenue banned, people should leave a bike on the sidewalk) on the part of people aged parents with children not quite catch the benevolent gaze. And they are right now cyclists on the sidewalks appeared very many. "
Sovereign Dranchuk convinced velyasypedystam to unite together and defend their interests. In including and protest way — to achieve the right to what you consider to be necessary.
During one of the press conferences of the Office of Management road traffic police stated that the city authorities at the moment headache associated with car parks. And they are not impartial to bicyclists. Namely, the organization of special zones within the boundaries velyasypednyh town in the severe level is not considered. In connection with that thought hung in the air to make shmatkilyametrovuyu velyasypednuyu Svislochi track along the waterfront. But when draft pazagaradkih roads currently requires that laid their special track for bicycles. Tags: great cyclists velyasypedysty, infrastructure, town

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