Version explosion young radicals-opposition

"And by date, and by binding to the scene I’d referred to it a terrorist act," — said in an interview Interfax Tihanskaya Alexander, whom the agency calls "the industry’s professional security and terrorism."
Answering the question of who might be behind this explosion, he offered a version of "New narodavoltsav." "At the moment we have in opposition a sharp gap between formal and constructive favorites tuned group of young people who does not accept them. Some maximalism, multiplied by the ambition, can lead to such consequences," — presented to the agency.
He also noted that "the consequences of such actions are profitable U.S. who have gained nothing in Belarus economic means." "It could be manufactured through the second, third secret services, but it is in their best interests — to violate stability in Belarus, "- said Alexander Tihanskaya.
He expressed his disagreement with the analogy between Minsk blast and explosions that sounded in Vitebsk 2005. "Vitebsk explosion occurred without reference to an event at the bus stops, with a small number of people. There — really hooliganism. Here the picture completely different, "- Said the Tsar Alexander Tihanskaya.

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