Vertikalschikov not listened to Lydia Yermoshina

Answering the question of "Freedom," Lidia Yermoshina said that bezotstupno recommended that each district commission of the opposition:
"Yesterday I was at a seminar in the Mogilev region. Well, chided Executive Committee:" What did you do that? "Bezotstupno I recommended to everyone that at least one member of the opposition political party went to the district Election Commission. And this, my position known to all local authorities . "
"Why is your advice was not heeded?" — I asked Mrs. Yermoshina again. The reply was followed by:
"Well I I can tell? Here, as statedsmiling, no comment. "
Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko recalls that earlier authorities refused to do better the practice of implementing electoral legislation:
"And it was the second test. And we believe that she had absolutely failed. And I say that if our representatives included 109 in 110 districts, then this would not be enough. And that included 30, the this is unacceptable is not enough.
And more fundamentally, who are not included. Not even included acting deputies who are working — for example, Valentina Kudlatskaya of Verkhnedvinsk. Not included former mayors Gomel, Barany. I do not know what are the dimensions used but these people not included in the Commission on aspects of government. Tracked this trend — people who are more dependent on government, working in state service, they are more involved in the commission. Certainly, because, so it was easier to keep the commission under control. "
Viktor Kornienko predicts subsequent reaction from the opposition:
"What could be the implications of what happened? I can not answer for the UDF, but I know that will consider the possibility of withdrawal of candidates in those precincts where representatives were not included in the UDF election commissions. This is — one of the options. Maybe it will be given tips and any other candidate. "
Vladimir Glod, Minsk

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