Veteranka Charter 77 sends bow Olga Senkova

During the operation of the Charter-77 Ms. Nemtsava involved including the protection of young people who are unfairly persecuted. Because of their own human rights activity is a psychologist by training, she could not work in their specialty, was a cleaner and vahtsershay. Dana Nemtsava — mother of seven children. Only four of them have received the certificate of completion of secondary school. Under communism, none of the kids are given Nemtsavay could not study at institutions of higher education and only lost the ability to catch up later, one of his daughters after forty years, received a law degree.
Nemtsava: In times of totalitarianism and Charter 77 are active in toddlers who for various reasons have been awkward for the regime. We are very strongly opposed to it, so the kids were punished for their parents or for their their position, especially those older, already had a critical gaze. I remember in case Man was expelled from school — he was 18 years old, and this meant that he could sign Charter 77. Turned it off after the pressure from the police and security services. Such cases were naturally more. Were meanwhile, as schools, where teachers, pedagogical staff just stood on the side of the student, but not demonstrative method. So, for example, managed to get a passport for my daughter, despite the fact that the school was under pressure. So almost everything depended on consciousness, the position of teacher.
Correspondent: A Do teachers often chose a more conventional, neryzykovny yourself option?
Nemtsava: I know that the pressure exerted on teachers by various methods. I know that they are often justified by the fact that if I moved, it would not give its students with the knowledge that could give. It was hard. Someone submitted this pressure, it was very frequent solution — do not do for ourselves huge problems, and examine the critical position of the young man as an extreme manifestation of some youth. Senior teachers were often convinced that personal behavior or personal courage can not change anything, but though in fact it is exactly the opposite. Personal courage — this is the method which can be resist the totalitarian pressure.
Correspondent: What is your message to the heroes of our history Saligorsk?
Nemtsava: I have great respect reacted to act your Senkova Director Olga, who was able to leave his teaching job and express solidarity with the guy who is not allowed to finish his studies. Naturally, I wish this guy will soon finish school, and Director — courage and a strong belief that this is not the end of everything, and that still turn out for the best.

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