Victims of educational tests

There will also be saved 6-day training week — on Saturdays with students will conduct educational work and to organize a "sports and recreational activities." What costs rejection of 12 years of education will have to face the children and teachers?

Everything was manufactured over the past 10 years, all crossed out with a single blow

Although formally a presidential decree has yet to approve the Council of the Republic, in its final version no one hesitates. In other words already in This year, from September 1, 2008, Belarus will start the next experience — with 11 years of teaching in secondary schools. Protests against professionals haste decision which is contrary to the European practice, yielded no result.
Minsk teacher Sergei Rusetsky states that virtually abolished so everything that has been achieved over the past 10 years. Thus, in accordance with the decree, classes in all educational institutions will be carried out at the grassroots level on a single programm. For students who show extraordinary intrigued to certain disciplines, provides only elective classes:
"Even the Russian school was in principle by prafilyavannya we negate the current innovations. Indeed, the same Russian school was aimed at preparing the engineer being at school. Other words even the Russian school education is already contained profile. Now that our country has gone by three-stage model teaching different subjects in school — I mean, the baseline, profile level, advanced level — all crossed. All that was made during the last 10 years — new applets, new textbooks — all crossed out with a single blow. "
One year later, Belarus will have to go through the exhaust boom — once school graduate students, which was laid under 12 years of schooling, and those who will already legitimized as an outlet 11 th grades. Accordingly, it is expected a great contest in the universities.
Recalls the last pro-rector of Belarusian State University Anatoly Pavlov, in 1966 he was the victim of an educational experience, when one year out of school graduates 11 classes and a ten-year condensed. But then the government budget to increment the number of university places, and partly ventured problem (although the competition was still much higher than the previous year). In today’s criteria, as the sovereign Pavlov, the Ministry of Education can solve the problem is much simpler:

If the teacher does not know what to do, how kids can be trained?

"I would recommend all authorities paid places at universities transformed into cheap. And people just look — as we have social and socially oriented government power? It will be one of the criteria that they constantly declare.’s If it so decided, means what they think. And if you just wish to increment the number of paid places, the penny value such reform. necessary to resolve very quickly, because it is already the second half of July, and signed by the decree. A curricula and applets? Here I I see the problem. To the Ministry of Education with fright quickly without breaking anything — particularly with benefits, with the curricula, programs. Not so it’s all very easy to do and no time left — September 1, after six weeks. "
According to various estimates, at this point may remain unclaimed every fifth teacher in the country. According to the deputy of the House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanovich from the transition to 11-year education available about 9% of the total employees of secondary schools — about 20 thousand people. In turn, the Deputy Minister of Education Casimir Farino promised that every teacher should employ.

Great teachers have long left school

Teacher with 55 years of experience Eugene Dudko, Mom former rector of BSU Alexander Kozulin, believes that segodnyaschy school aims not so much to get the children knowledge, carries within itself as an ideological component:
"If that’s such vacillation in school when the teacher does not know what to do, how can kids be learning?"
Reporter: "There is a perception that there will be many redundant teachers …"
"There will be unnecessary, since they are no longer. Great teachers have long left school. I worked as a teacher in recent years, boarding school, had much to happen on a lot of lessons from teachers. And I came into a nightmare — what they gave bad lessons. kids should be taught that they have a solid knowledge. But there is currently no training or education. All are replaced propaganda — as perfectly round. plyashi, and sing about anything do not think. Such is the confusion in the minds that nothing understandable. But if you decide to teach 12 years, mean — 12-year education should be. And we also have to go the same way as the whole of Europe, whole world . "

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