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Instead of repeatedly talk about their birth relatives and girlfriends, you can record an important event in the video. It is worth considering that the birth — an intimate process, and their video has a number of features.

Shooting any film consists of four main stages: script writing, casting, shooting and editing. And if in your case with the actors is clear — the protagonists of the future bestseller you, the husband and the child to be born, then other steps need to be carefully considered.

Step 1: Scenario

First of all it is necessary to discuss in advance the script, as in childbirth you will have quite different concerns. It is desirable to preview the few demo tapes: you can take them in the video or in training for childbirth. So you will be able to take into account all the mistakes and look at the findings of others. Clear on those who will carry out the recording, what's the plan appears to be optimal, and that you would not like.

For example, removing the only person pregnant woman, her husband and doctors, as well as a newborn, you'll avoid too explicit scenes. In addition, because it's expression conveys the storm of emotions that a person is experiencing the most serious moments of his life. Also, if you do not remove all the ins and outs of a generic process, the film can be proud to show family, friends or even just acquaintances.

So, by the way, you can take a "pregnant" series. Film covers and childbirth, and the entire pregnancy: the first doctor visit, U.S., walks in children's shops, the message about the upcoming addition of the relatives in the family as a growing tummy, a trip to the hospital, immediately delivery, the first cry of the baby, the first attachment of the baby to the breast, the first bathing the walk. The action can unfold to classical music, and behind the scenes accompanied by comments of young parents.

Take advantage of other people's ideas or make up something his own. The main thing is that the script did not require a mother's complicated "game."

Step 2: attention, rented

As for the video, it can be conducted by a visiting professional operator or husband. Calling a professional operator is troublesome, but you and your husband will be able to fully devote himself to leave. Almost all the large Moscow company specializing in taking family holidays, exercise and video delivery. The only condition — with the administration of the hospital you have to negotiate on their own. PRICE operator will depend upon delivery. Almost all the firms is taken from the hourly pay of $ 10 per hour with a video camera and VHS type of $ 35 per hour when shooting with a digital camera or a professional. Plus, of course, supplies. In some cases, there are also additional costs, such as labor begins at night and the operator had to get a taxi. In drawing up the contract carefully and have discussed these issues.

The main difficulty in calling a professional operator — it is impossible to predict the date and time of the shooting. Therefore, as a rule, negotiated an indicative period during which the operator is ready at any time of the day (on your call) to arrive at the hospital said.

And another tip. When you select an operator in the first place, pay attention not to his superprofessionalizm, and human qualities. Does this person have any sympathy, whether it is mutual? From a technical point of view, take birth as easy as a wedding or anniversary celebration, but in such an intimate moment There can not be any annoying moments.

By the way, in some hospitals at birth allowed the presence of only one person — a close relative of her husband. In this case, there is only one option — to shoot himself. It's not as difficult as it seems.

A few tips:

  • No makeup. Professional make-up you will not be able to impose, and the usual make-up does not stand the test of sorts. Within a few hours your face painted to look very grim. Your trump card in this case — natural.
  • If possible, provide a rodbloke more light. The more light, the less visible is not the most advantageous features of the interior. If you have a professional camera, shoot so that the light fell from the top, the "lower" is used only for shooting horror films.
  • Number of footage to be about ten times longer than expected square footage of your film. Then you can choose the best pieces, cut out bad.
  • Please make sure the batteries in the camera and, if necessary, charge them. Ideally, it is desirable to have a spare battery. After all, no one knows how long it will last for generations, and some may not be a free socket. You must have a stock of blank tapes and for the record, that at the crucial moment you have not ran out of film.
  • If you are an amateur video recording, then do not look and do not buy heaped up with the latest technology camera. These bells and whistles require pre-mastering, and they will not interfere with the beginner. Enough to have a normal or a digital video camera, a tripod height of approximately five feet above the best. By the way, if necessary, the camcorder can be hired. The cost of renting a conventional camera — 15-20$ A day, and digital — 40-50$ Per day. At the same time you leave your passport and from 200 up to $ 600 deposit that you give back when returning the camera.

Step 3: assemble a movie

Before starting the installation, you need to decide what you want to get a result. You can make a documentary without any derogations one can slightly glossed frames by mounting a film in the genre of the video clip. During installation, you can dilute the footage with all sorts of family photographs, special effects, and even subtitles. Separately, select the music for his film, discuss the presence of comments by frame. Some women like to comment on what they have experienced at some time of the birth, but you can give two comments on what is happening on the screen: women and men.

Before taking on the installation of your stuff, ask to see a few demo tapes. In Moscow, there are quite a few companies that specialize in the installation of home video. The cost of installation depends on the amount of footage and your requests. Thus, the installation of a half-hour movie can take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours. In Moscow for such services rates range from 15 to $ 35 per hour of work on new material.

Birth contract usually issued for a term of 36 weeks. But in some cases, for example, there is a risk of having a premature baby, the contract can be formed at an earlier period. It draws necessarily written permission to mark the filming, the possibility (or impossibility) of the presence of a professional operator and the installation of additional lighting.

Must take into account the fact that the birth — is a process in which no one can anticipate possible complications. In extreme cases, even before the contractual shooting movies, the doctor has the right to ask strangers (including her husband) to leave the delivery room. By the way, none of the maternity wards of the city of Moscow is not allowed to take video cesarean section.

Pobespokoytes advance

Regardless of who will take birth, husband, friend or family professional operator must take care in advance of the analysis. Otherwise, the person who removes, not allow for delivery. In almost all maternity hospitals require a standard set of tests: blood for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C, fecal intestinal group, fluoroscopy, help from a therapist and from venereologist. And at the time of delivery of the receipt of test results should be not more than 30 days.

Take care and how to operator necessarily captured with a washable rubber slippers and a clean cotton shirt.

Moscow hospital, where filming is allowed

  • Hospital maternity ward at number 4
  • Mate
    rnity number number 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 14, 25, 27, 29

Shooting is forbidden

  • Maternity number number 15, 17, 20, 32
  • Maternity hospital in an infectious diseases hospital № 2
  • Maternity hospital gor.bolnitse at number 3
  • Maternity hospital in 3rd CIB
  • The hospital maternity hospital number 20
  • Maternity hospital in gor.bolnitse number 68

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