Viktor Lukashenko increases impact?

Instead Y. Zhadobin KGB chairman appointed Major-General Vadim Zaitsev. Previously, he held the post of first deputy chairman of the Municipal Border Committee — Head of the brain operational management.
A. Lukashenka dismissed Municipal Security Council Secretary Viktor Sheiman and control of the presidential administration Gennady Nyavyhlas July 7, criticizing them for official incompetence after an explosion in Minsk on July 4.

Since 1999, he served as Deputy Minister of the Interior — kamanduchaga internal troops. Since 2003 — Head of the Presidential Security Service. In 2007 he was appointed chairman of the KGB.

Vladimir Mackay was born in 1958 in Grodno region. Graduated from the Institute of foreign languages studied in the Austrian diplomatic academy.
From 1980 to 1992 he served in the army, military intelligence, Colonel supplies. Since 1993 — the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. From 1996 to 1999 — Representative of Belarus to the Council of Europe, and later head of the European Cooperation Ministry. Since 2000 — assistant Lukashenko.
Vadim Zaitsev
was born in 1964 in Zhytomyr region. Graduated from Metropolitan Higher Border Command School, Academy Russian Federal Border Service, the Military Academy of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces. Maj.-Gen.

Worked in the protection of state border Border Committee of Belarus, was chief of the Pinsk border detachment, since 2004 has held senior positions in the Municipal Committee of the Belarusian border troops.
To destination chairman of the KGB was the first deputy chairman of the Municipal Border Committee — Head head of operational management.
Some observers they say about the relationship of all three appointees to the eldest son Alekasandr Lukashenko, Viktor Lukashenko, the incumbent president’s assistant in the State security and comes to the Security Council.
W. LATYPOV "Mackay — a hard man"

Ural Latypov worked with Vladimir Makey in the Foreign Ministry and the presidential administration. LATYPOV recalls Mackay — Prof. diplomat, who worked on the complex and fascinating European direction.

V. Silitski "Mackay — it LATYPOV with Belarusian roots"


Political analyst Vitaly Silitski believes that all three new appointees associated with offspring Belarusian President Viktor Lukashenko, and all three in varying degrees were related to special services.

A. Krasutski: "Hunting impose on positive changes"

Member of the House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutski believes that the role of the Governing new presidential administration, the unit of the Security Council and the KGB is very critical, because the structures that they should head to do the analysis, prediction, give suggestions for making decisions.

M. Mushroom: Lukashenko allocates according to personal trust
Retired police Gen. Mieczyslaw Mushroom draws attention to the fact that the new Municipal Security Council Secretary Yuri Zhadobin — past military previously was managing protection Lukashenka.

Look who’s here

This is partly the post-Soviet, not Russian people. "Lenin and Stalin — signs of our people," Our homeland as the only light in the window, socialism as "the future of the Belarusians and the entire population of the earth" — it is not blocked.
Lukashenka has, for all his cynicism, in all this there is a bit of sincerity, it’s part of his life. And for them — no.
"Designated person who was not involved in the political wanted"
V.Kostka "designated person that relatively young, who has not previously been involved in the political wanted, usual nedavneshnego KGB that in his own work, he could talk with Viktor Lukashenko, who also served as a border guard — it’s all pretty mealy characteristics that bypassed attention is unreal. "What
A. Fyaduta "Mackay — it talks with the West"

"Now it is quite natural that group was able to enjoy the explosion on July 4. I hitherto Practicing idea that power was not interested in the fact, that the bomb exploded. But if it exploded, then someone needs to use it. This made a grouping which face is Viktor Lukashenko, and the brain and political center — Vladimir Mackay. "

P.Martsav: "Power is preparing for elections 2011"
"There is a general tendency to rotate personnel and rejuvenation. Many need to change — at least as surrounded by the head of state Viktor Lukashenko appeared. This young city worker, and, accordingly, he gains his team. Yury Zhadobin recognizable Viktor Lukashenko ever since the work Presidential Security Service, where he worked guard Victor Lukashenko. "
A.Povelitel "Lukashenko wants to make a better self-image"
"This is consistent with the general trend to increase the impact group of technocrats in the governmental groups and confirms the orientation of certain configurations in the economic sphere, while not political."
Lukashenka’s administration will rule career diplomat

M.Batsyan: "Stern, an experienced diplomat. Do not know what it is admin, but as a diplomat, I think he’s one of the best in Belarus."

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