Visit Gaddafi march in Kurapaty not prevent

November 2 will be held in the usual procession Kurapaty. Authorities allowed representatives and BPF, and the Conservative Christian Party BPF holding mass events dedicated memory of days Protz "Dzyady."
Representatives of the CCP BPF going with the 10th to 11th around the watch factory, beginning processions in Kurapaty — about 11 hours. BPF Party gathers his supporters near the East cemetery, meant that the march will begin on 12.30. Path passes both lap times on Independence Avenue
GAI warned that 2, 3 and 4 November in connection with the arrival Muammar Gaddafi probable periodic restriction of movement of all modes of transport on the Moscow Ring Road, Independence Avenue, many streets. Either it did not prevent the march to Kurapaty? One of the organizers of the march, vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich reads as follows:
"We go on the sidewalk, on footpaths and not on the carriageway. And no way hindering the movement of vehicles. So makarom, we are not going to change the route. Driving on sidewalks is no tuple does not interfere. "

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