Vitamins for the eyes: it is good to see

From school is known that 80% of the information a person receives, the visual. That is why it is so important to keep your eyes healthy. However, the lifestyle of modern people is not conducive to this. On the contrary, many of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, which would seem to make life easier and make it interesting, are the main culprits of eye diseases. It's about computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, as well as energy-saving fluorescent lamps, as a source of so-called blue light.

Add to that stress, poor diet, bad ecology, bad habits, and now the diseases of the eye, which is always considered to be age (macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.) catch up with the young.

Blue light — invisible hit the visually impaired

Why do computers and gadgets dangerous to view? First of all, because they are the source of so-called blue light. It contributes to the formation of reactive oxygen free radicals that oxidize contained in cell membranes visual lipids and proteins and damage the optic unit.

Nature has created its own defense mechanisms against free radicals. First, the cells of the retina are updated regularly. Secondly, the visual system is designed so that the retina and pigment epithelium surrounded by natural filters. Third, the process of photo-oxidation prevent special substances — antioxidants. In the visual system of antioxidant protection is provided by carotenoids — lutein and zeakstantinom. Of all the carotenoids, only they are able to penetrate into the retina and protect the eye from photodamage.


Lutein and zeaxanthin are present in a certain amount in the human body from birth, but also coming up with their mother's milk in infancy. But subsequently the body does not synthesize them, and can obtain the necessary substances only from the outside — with food.

Most carotenoids found in yellow and orange fruits and dark green vegetables (corn, spinach, red pepper, kiwi). However, to provide the body with a daily rate of lutein and zeakstantina, you need to eat about 250 grams of spinach, 1.5 kg of sweet peppers or 2 kg of carrots. It's certainly possible, but problematic.

Vitamins for the eyes — the defense from the inside

Exit — vitamin complexes containing carotenoids. For example, "Doppelgerts®Vitamins are an asset to the eye with lutein and bilberry "German company" Kvaysser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG. KG ". distributor in Russia OOO "Kvaysser Pharma." Lutein part of this vitamin complex not only absorbs blue color, but also reflects his defending zone of the central retina, where the light output as focused. But most importantly, it inhibits the formation of free radicals. This increases the density of the macular pigment, and hence reduces the risk of the development of pathological changes in the central area of the retina, increasing visual acuity improved light sensitivity indicators and bioelectric activity of neurons in the central zone of the retina.

Besides lutein "Doppelgerts®Vitamins are an asset to the eye with lutein and bilberry " contains vitamin A, which improves color perception supports accommodation of the eye of the transition from light to dark vazhnuyurol plays in the growth of cells. Vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of rhodopsin, a pigment responsible for night vision, as well as a positive effect on the immune system.

Vitamin A helps to absorb zinc. Like other antioxidants, it prevents the formation of free radicals and has a positive effect on the oxidation-reduction processes. Moreover, zinc prevents aging and the development of a cataract lens.

Blueberries — "eye" berry

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a berry that would have many useful properties for the eyes than blueberries. The thing is with strong antioxidant effect of flavonoids that are contained in its leaves and fruits. Regular consumption of blueberries dilates blood vessels, thus reducing the likelihood of blood clots.

Improving local blood circulation, blueberries promotes regeneration of retinal tissue.

Flavonoids and promote the synthesis of rhodopsin. Thus, for those who want to see well at dusk, without blueberries also can not do.

Finally, blueberries helps to reduce eye fatigue under high load.

Not surprisingly, this berry is a necessary component of all vitamin and mineral supplements for the eye, including "Doppelgerts®Vitamins are an asset to the eye with lutein and bilberry. "

In addition to blueberries, "Doppelgerts®Vitamins for asset eye with lutein and bilberry "contain lemon bioflavonoid complex, which improves the condition of the capillaries and blood vessels: decreases their fragility, they become more resilient. Thus, improved blood circulation eye, and hence overall visual system.

This is especially necessary for those who are experiencing high load on the eye: a lot of work at the computer and papers like reading by lamplight, or from the phone. Additional protection in the form of vitamin and mineral complex and can help drivers, as well as to all those who care about the health of the eye. With daily adverse effects, protection should also be daily.

The course of treatment "Doppelgerts®Vitamins are an asset to the eye with lutein and bilberry " designed for 2 months, adults are advised to take one capsule 1 time per day with meals.

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