Vyazyn: Which Komsomol, those were all in SD

For completeness resort scenery lacks only the white sails. A few guys from the shore fish. One of them, a strong barbel 50 years old, in a good mood.
Reporter: "And why now Vyazyn lives? Of Agriculture?"
Man: "With rural. More nothing here. Spirtzavod was. Huge number of people on spirtzavode was busy. Razlivachny shop there and built. Ruined everything. Closed at this time. Guard standing there. But gradually all stolen. Bath Plant was built, all the plundered . Managers started as modified. "
Reporter: "Why-nibudt promise now?"
Man: "Nothing completely.’s Built agrogorodok. Only board in the middle did."
Reporter: "There will be parliamentary elections. You take them any hope?"
Man: "Whatever the elections were,, we hope that something will bring the best. To revival of the village was. Turned round the government to face the countryside. To at least some of the village. You see, no young people in the village. And when new frames do not grow … "
That’s the truth. Fences in recent years set up a huge amount. Usually, along the main streets. Color usually monotonous color. If a facility and become a worthy emblem era, so it’s not ice palaces and houses of agro-towns, and very long fence. Do not be surprised if we add all these fees freshest Belarusian one, that he, the king-fence round the equator. In general, in Vyazyn fence — not the main surprise. Only here I saw how you can use to design the street dead tree. Paint it green color and attach to the trunk several steel daisies. Honestly, this looks "ikebana" more aesthetically pleasing for all boards.

Mrs. Anna left a couple of years until retirement. Agronomist by training it. All his life living and working in Vyazyn. Worked on spirtzavode agronomist on the farm. Now — a janitor at the school.
Reporter: "You understand that we will fall parliamentary elections?"
Anna: "This we know."
Reporter: "Talk to them or will not?"
Anna: "People are convinced that the funds get fit, especially the elderly. And pensions as big in my svatstsi than me wages. This month I received 253 thousand. On prazhytstse enough. And things no gain for the money. Cow hold, keep pigs. This village survives. I’m going to retire, I’ll get 400 thousand. pension I will not bad. I worked all her life, nor beheld not leave anything. And for 260 I need a day or a day out fly on the job " .
Reporter: "In short, people expect your age pension, like manna from heaven."
Anna: "Oh, now I am waiting."
I wonder to this day of our workers who are willing to blame the long-term work in small collective farms, but never utter a word disgusting not in the address of Alexander Lukashenko. It truly is ideal for them. And it is not for their policies, which you can choose, but you can not re-elected. He was not hired bureaucrat. He’s not even the boss. Love it faster. Babskii ordinary man thrust to the true host. In particular, if real, your owner has long spivsya this virtual owner with tele becomes even more beloved and reliable. Because no matter what elections are, our lonely housewives will vote in all elections only him.
Reporter: "You are more likely to trust someone, the candidate of the government or opposition candidate?"
Anna: "Only power. Lukashenko rights. Supported farms. Two years I have not worked as an agronomist. Throughout cleared for farm vehicles. Cow I cast out every day at seven o’clock. My heart hurts that some sit down for this tractor. Loss. Catch some . To reverse eight years. All would remain. And so we lost professionals. spirtzavode I worked on. Chae its released. silver medal I won at ENEA in Moscow for it. Soka-Cola overrun. Sypanul powder, tongue blue, purple, yellowish. And you see that in your stomach. And I closed all natural products. "
Reporter: "And that you released?"
Anna: "Tea. Additionally we were in Vyazyn tea. 50 acres of herbs."
Reporter: "And what would have been your wishes newcomer to Parliament?"
Anna: "For agriculture to pay attention. To build houses. Agrotowns Make, and people will appreciate you to death."
A significant portion of the inhabitants Vyazyn are former inhabitants of the village Rybchyna. Needless Rybchyna Vileika buried under water reservoir. On the shore of the artificial sea is a stone. Plaque on a boulder with the following text:
"Stsersya track of your home village,
Frame with old it was not.
Memory village flooded by sea,
Warm remembered warmly. "
A poem written by former Rybchenko Raisa Filistovich. The nearest time Mrs. Raisa was Director Vyazynskay school. We stand on the shore. Now hard to imagine that 30 years ago, almost a few meters from the shore teems with life.

Raisa: "On the days of the Sea was our village. How evicted, was not on the part of the inhabitants of such confrontation is not evicted. Once treated with the realization of this fundamental state campaign. Everyone knew that this was necessary. Was not, that someone said "I’m still not going away from here." reacted positively to this proposal. There was no panic. "
Every year here at sea saves Vileika come 10s former rybchan. To remember the past. Just remember. After walking on the same streets will not be presented ever.
Raisa: "There were woods all around. And what grew brusnitsy like cherries. All kinds of berries! Mother such savory pudding cooked cranberry that was cut with a knife. Such reddish. Terrain was colorful. Though, what can you do. Changes all around. And now come here how to prazdnichek.
Reporter: "Tears flow?"
Raisa: "And even men. All the same, the best thing you know, in his youth all the nagging. Most satisfied, very bright. And first love. We fell in love with this village. A young man was, and women! Lovely such. We melodious village. we sang very well. And now, how come we always remember all the songs. Perapyaem. Peretantsuy. Bayanists come. Well. So there is always funny. resting soul. "
But step back from nagging memoirs. At Mrs. Raisa has its wish future elected representatives.
Raisa: "Experience bored. Chaos. I would not want that on children. Will do my grandson, graduated 10 classes. During the year they pass program from high school.’s Difficult. I like grandma, grandchildren of their own already reflect. Member about the future of our kids could state that dimensions. "
The oldest resident Vyazyn Jadwiga Palachanskaya, lives its own very long, almost 90-year-old age all alone. Neither spouse, kids she had. She lives near the small slender church of the Virgin Mary, where every Sunday strolls to prayer. When you look at an old Jadwiga appears only one association. Before you Baba Yaga. With a hooked nose, sunken eyes, with an evil voice.

Jadwiga: "What were the Komsomol, most activists at Russian authorities, these were all in SD."
Reporter: "When the fascists?"
Jadwiga"Yes. And we suffered. Our family. Was revolution — have suffered. Called Father. Were Germans suffered. Two brothers were gone, shot dead."
Reporter: "What was life like in Poland?"
Jadwiga: "There was a landowner. Very good old pan was. Disevich. He was in the Royal Duma. All funds that were he built this church. In 1908."
Ancient Jadwiga loves Lukashenko. But her love is special
Reporter: "You have lived a long life. It becomes the best?"
Jadwiga: "We have excellent father commanded. He defies anyone. Done. I approve of it."
Reporter: "And you understand that elections will be with us?"
Jadwiga: "I know. That was all fine. To him again for the fourth time."
Reporter: "What do you think about the opposition?"
Jadwiga: "The opposition is foolish. What she climbs everywhere? Babes took watered. It is perfectly done? One fled to America, and the other planted. Received 5 years."
Reporter: "And you do not wish to Kozulin?"
Jadwiga: "It should not get involved. Rector or who he was? They need to hang these, how the Germans were hanged, how Hussein was hanged …"

Frankly, I shudder passed when vyazynskaya Baba Yaga to express their wishes regarding the fate of the opposition. This was no allegory. As the Germans hanged, grandmother, judging by the passions, remembers perfectly. Because I’m happy to leave her gloomy house with muddy windows. And another quarter of an hour admiring the sunset over the sea Vialejka. Trying to figure out how to be combined pilgrimage to his father Roman, prayers to Jesus, and here is a sincere desire to perdition. In general, Hussein, really, I’m sorry …

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