Waiver of 12-yrs: necessity or adventure?

On Thursday at a meeting with Lukashenko was decided to return to school to 11-year education. Why did the authorities make an unstable situation in the education system? Or unemployment occurs in the midst of the teachers? What will the refusal of school education?
Participants: Ph.D. Svetlana Mackiewicz and founder of Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos.
Why did the authorities make an unstable situation in the education system?
Valery Karbalevich"The decision to control the country’s return to the 11-year-old secondary school caused enormous resentment not only among educators, and in society. Indeed breaks actual plans of many graduates next year.
This decision puts the problem of extensive. As you know, the symbol of corporate propaganda policy of the Belarusian authorities — stability. Proud of it, it passes for majestic achievement.
But what is currently happening in the school system, destroys this style. After making an element of chaos in the system, which by its nature is limited. Initially adopted programm transition to 12-year system. Created under its educational plans, methodical literature, allocated resources, recruiting and training staff.
And suddenly it all revised command is given to return all back. This decision is, relatively speaking, "put on the ears," the whole system of secondary education. Power was a major destabilizing factor of the education system. Such experiments on the children, their parents, teachers simply unsafe for public stability. Why is this happening? "
Svetlana Mackiewicz"Authorities seek stability. But they understand it as stability Russian times. Authorities considered that the decision to move to 12-year education was a mistake. Because they decided to return to the 11-tap hole, even if it would destabilize within 1-3 years. Later the situation stabilizes. "
Vladimir Kolos"This is a normal authoritarian system. There are wise management that knows what to do, and everyone else must listen and do.
But it turns out that such a system is not perfect and not always canceled. And it is at the moment will feel many of the teachers and students. The Company is obliged to have leverage on the power and participate in the crucial decisions. If not, then there will always be such a crisis, as a result of a voluntary, amateurish government interference in all matters. "
Prospects of unemployment in the midst of the teachers
Karbalevich"According to the preparatory disk imaging, high school reform will entail a significant reduction in workers in this sector. Various sources refer to the figure of 10 to 30 thousand people. Other words, a significant number of people will be needed. For many, especially in the regions it will be heaviest actual problem" .
Mackiewicz"I think that this situation will be a good occasion for ideological purification midst educators. I agree with, the ears, the right that the impact of society on such decisions that need candidacy.
This unemployment situation in the midst of the teachers — a challenge for NGOs. They should assist teachers. But just in the midst of unemployment teachers — is one of the economic, spiritual, human impact of this reform on the contrary. "
Ear"Imposes another analogy. Sometime in 1995, Lukashenko has decided to abandon textbooks in the humanities, post-1991. This was in August. If this was done, the school could start a new school year without textbooks. Then Ministry Education has not complied with that decision, because it was at the technical level is unrealistic.
And now adopted a similar decision. It is very unpopular. In particular, teachers suffer. Many of them went to the electoral commission, rigged elections and maliciously snigger in the "democrats" and "nationalists." Maybe they have something usvoyut.
School should be given more autonomy. In general, such unexpected turns in this bolshennom and complex mechanism in such terms are not being made. It’s a gamble. "
What will the refusal of school education?
Karbalevich"That’s about independence, nominations and differentiation. Return to 11-tap hole occurs immediately with the elimination of specialization, specialized education, secondary school, transition to the single applets. And the main argument here — the need to provide all students equal conditions. What does this zeal to unify school? what consequences it may lead? "
Mackiewicz"Some unification school needs. Must be a small reference for education, which would later be allowed to go to differentiation.
Today sharahanne seriously affect the Belarusian education. We get a generation that will not be able to think without the help of others, without the generation of civilian positions.
Tendency to equality and unification has ideological disposition. This return to the Russian educational standards. From them it will be difficult to run against the current European standards. "
Karbalevich"Every teacher knows how hard it is to work with the class in which students are trained with different levels of knowledge and capabilities. This is not aimed at the unification of strong students, who from this reform just lose."
Ear"Yes, I agree. That offer power — it antypedagagichnaya utopia. This imprint Russian ideology of social equality. Essentially we know that such equality was not.
One of the tasks of the school — to enable the development of personality, especially the students. After all, the school is not only in the children’s heads vpihvae certain information, and satsyyalizue them. Russian school to educate young people in the spirit of conformity and plain apathy, cynicism. Something similar happened at the moment.
In upper secondary school students must be able to further the understanding in the direction that they have chosen to develop their capabilities. A unification stifle creativity in students. Today our students zaturkanasts some notes. It is evident even in the best students who overcome at the Olympics. Now it will grow even more. "Tags: education, 12-notch, 11-notch

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