Want a Russian war?

Again about the name

Want a Russian war
You ask in "Silence"
Above the expanse of arable land and the "Fields"
And "Birches" and "Topol"

Still ask the soldiers
What's the scoop "Option"
As for the "Obuvka" on their feet,
As "Goat" catching up fear.
What smells "The Fly" and "tulip"
And what filled our "Glass"
In which places our "Vortex" and "Val"
What is the "Cabbage" rules "Ball"
"Phantasmagoria" which
"Fagot" plays and "Oboe".
What gives our "Courier",
And where there is a "barrier"
Ask for "Metis" from "mulatto" as
Caught in Russian "Zoo"
What is associated with "Pinocchio" "Bumblebee"
And from what saves "The Pipe"
How to "Peonies" and "Stud"
Our fragrant flower garden.
What are the "Cacti" are growing,
What are the "Bonnet" bloom.
As for the "Acacia" in the woods,
And you "Woodpeckers" will bring.
What is the "Flame" from "Bonfire"
As "Cranberry" Russian Red,
Want to Russian concerns
You ask in "Chrysanthemum"
The "forget-me" and "Glass"
Ask if needed Russian world?
And you reply "bearded"
And along with it, "Vampire" and "Rook"
"Foundling", "Maria" and "Ivan"
"Hairpin", "Goblin", "The Guardian"
And the "Chipmunk" and "Cypress"
And the "canary" and "Narcissus"
And the "Virgin Lands" and "Hyacinth"
And "The Mummy" and "Dwarf" and "Bolt"
And the "Chernomorets" and "Wave"
"Raccoon", "squid" and "Flounder"
And even the "Amethyst" and "mite"
They will explain a simple thing.
And you will understand my thought
The war we, Russian, poh # w.

Silence — 7,62 / 30 mm small arms and grenade launcher
Field — aviation complex EW (Mi-8PP)
Birch — T-80UD
Poplar — mobile ground missile complex 15P158 [SS-25 Sickle] [SS-27]
Option — to 40-mm grenade launcher, shovel
Footwear — 40-mm grenade launcher GP-30 (6G21)
Goat — experienced automatic grenade TKB-0134
Fly — 64-mm antitank rocket grenade RPG-18 (6G12) (the development of TKB-076)
Tulip — 240-mm self-propelled mortar 2S4
Glass — Mi-24 helicopter
Whirlwind — Aviation ATRA 9K121 [AT-16 Scallion] [AT-9 Whirlwind]
Shaft — 9-mm submachine special speakers (6P30)
Cabbage — ACS self-propelled artillery 1V127
Ball — coastal missile system 3K60 [SSC-6 Swithblade]
Phantasmagoria — the air station targeting
Bassoon — a portable anti-tank systems 9K111 [AT-4 Spigot]
Oboe — wearable Ammunition ATRA-9K111-1 ("Contest")
Courier — mobile ground missile system 15P159 with small-sized ICBM RCC-40 [SS-X-28]
Barrier — the panel on the basis of the Strategic Missile Forces MAZ-543 ("Granite")
Metis — a portable anti-tank systems 9K115 [AT-7 Saxhorn]
Mulatto — thermal sight 1PN86
Zoo — art radar system. reconnaissance and fire control 1L219
Pinocchio — a heavy flamethrower system TOS-1
Bumblebee — 93-mm hand-RPO-A
The Pipe — surge listening channels of cellular communication
Peony — 203 mm self-propelled gun 2S7
Pink — 122-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S1
Cactus — active wired security system
Cornflower — 82 mm automatic mortar 2B9
Acacia — 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S3
Woodpecker — Grenade Launcher Pistol
Flames — 30 mm automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 (6G10) (216P)
Bonfire — 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 (6G15)
Cranberry — Grenade "RPG-28?
Chrysanthemum — self-propelled anti-tank systems 9K123 [AT-15 Springer]
Forget-me-not — the system of multi-channel recording of telephone conversations
Showcase — 50-mm grenade launcher nadulny (for AKS-74U)
The bearded man — manual flamethrower MPO-A
Vampire — 105.2-mm antitank grenade launcher RPG-29 (6G20) (the development of TKB-0175)
Rook — 9mm PYA Yarigina (6P35)
Foundling — 40mm VOG-25P (7P24) to the SE-25 (30)
Maria — 30 kt tactical atomic bomb (RDS-3)
Ivan — 50 Mt hydrogen bomb (article 202) AN602
Clip — 125mm BPS 3BM22 (23) ("Hope")
Goblin — 9-mm submachine gun
Guardian — BTR
Chipmunk — a boat-driver targets pr.1392
Cypress — 9-mm submachine gun OC-02
Canary — silent-automatic grenade launcher 6S1
Narcissus — aviation system is a single display
Virgin Land — mobile ground missile system 15P962 with ICBM RT-23
Hyacinth — 152 mm self-propelled gun
Mummy — 125mm piercing projectiles 3P31
Dwarf — 40-mm six-shot revolver hand grenade RG-6 (6G30)
Screw — Experimental NAR TRS-82M
Chernomorets — aircraft missile torpedo (experimental)
Wave — SAM SAM to "Storm"
Raccoon — 533-mm torpedo SET-65
Kalmar — missile submarines, etc. 667BDR [Delta-III]
Flounder — jet-pop antiship mine MRC
Amethyst — ASM P-70 (4K66) [SS-N-7 Starbright]
Tick — anti-tank mine

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