Want to participate in elections? You quit!

Notice of dismissal was representative of the United Democratic Forces in Buda-Koshelev constituency number 38, an activist created party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Konstantin Zhukovsky. He works as a taxi driver
"When I brought the day’s takings, I was invited by the director of the office for himself" Intergran "and suggested that I took away his papers or ballot regarding a candidate in Buda-Koshelev constituency, or with me will be terminated the employment contract. Director said that people talked with him — not read, who are directly — and recommended to restore order. According to another call for the order of its own.
As director of a sincere man — kept on such economy, I do not want to expose him, because I know what it might end. I will resign myself. "
Due to pressure Zhukovsky now sent to the prosecutor, the presidential administration and the Central Election Commission asking to know who "handles" Managed to those fired from their jobs probable candidates from the opposition.
According to the activist, is being targeted pressure on opponents of the regime:
"There is a focused pressure on people who have their world, their eyes and beliefs, so that they never worked. Later they say: the opposition has no job, no one takes her — and she goes abroad. This is the same 37 — The year just do not shoot people, and forced to leave the country. "
Already the third day in Brest work activities of the group Igor Maslovskoye, yatsi going to run for Brest eastern constituency:
"We first received official permission to work, and therefore at a meeting of staff decided that we would collect signatures 2000-3000, for that will be the conditions and abilities. To insure, rather signatures in 1200, but we are focused on puzzle — as many people visit . "
Now chairman of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev told our radio:
"500 of our activists are involved in this campaign. People work in the activities of the group, also stand as candidates for the candidates for deputies."
Victor Gorbachev personally stands in Borisov. Now he registered his business, the Group:
"I have 22 people. This experienced people. They should not have to break. They did not abandon their political choice."
Grodno region 13 constituencies. SLM 13 representatives want to run.
Managing the regional structure of the UCP Yury Istomin, When we contacted him, was in Novogrudok, where he passed his own business, the Group documents. He said that the Commission also lists are still 2-groups of his party. As for Ivan Kruk, who is going to run for Ivie district number 53, the disk imaging from him was not.
As distributed between a neighborhood in the Grodno region representatives of the United Democratic Forces? Says one of the managers of the regional coalition SLM Sergei boy:
"According to our agreement with the decisions of the Political Council and the Regional Council of our UDF we distributed as follows: four neighborhood — BNF, four — UCP, one — BSDG one — and one BSDP — Young Front, the Communists — two neighborhood: Shchuchinskaya and Diatlovo."
And also now bidder on the Slonim district № 58 Ivan Sheha appealed to the district election commission and the CEC with the requirement to do the work of the district commission, respectively, with the legislation.
In his statement, Ivan Sheha writes that come to the executive committee, to apply for registration of the Group. The building is faced with the fact that I could not find a room where the commission meets, because there were no ads.
If the study still found, it became clear that no one else. Some time later, he had to find the chairman of the commission, Lena Machalina — She manages the affairs of the district executive committee.
"Sometimes when you come to the same Machalinoy, she does other things in parallel executive committee, there are people. And when I looked up from work, we have to stand under her door, even up to an hour. Such practices must be changed if it is engaged in the election, then let them engaged. "
Before writing the statement with the words sovereign Shaggy, he did not once read the electoral legislation. Ivan Sheha requested that the commission had been established under the laws of the Republic of Belarus.
Now it became clear that in Grodno registered three activity groups for democratic candidates the same Zanemanskaya Grodno district number 49. Midst of applicants — independent candidate Sergei Kuzmenok, Vadim Saranchukou BPF and independent candidate Alexander Vassiliev, last political prisoner.

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