Water Treatments

Water treatments.  Illustration from the site www.fengshuiblog.org

"Mother, the color of your face causes me anxiety! Is it time to go to the water, to improve health? "- Respectable gentleman with pince-nez stares at his magnificent wife. A typical scene of the XIX century, when water and mud treatments were all the rage in high society.

What's going on?

What is the therapeutic effect of water? The fact is that the body in the water environment brings entirely different temperature fluctuations. First, large thermal conductivity of the water. Secondly, sweat gland our skin in an aqueous medium does not evaporate moisture, whereby all parts of the body are heated uniformly and well. The water pressure changes circulatory nature and the chemical composition on the skin.

If the water is cold, it is the first time a spasm of small blood vessels of the skin. In response to increased metabolism in the tissue and increases the temperature of the internal organs. A chain of regulatory mechanisms that results in better blood circulation in the small vessels of the skin. They are expanding, red skin, we feel the warmth and cheerfulness. Therefore, water therapy is useful both to improve the overall condition of the body, and for the treatment of diseases.


Initially, the device for water treatments were primitive: the ordinary souls, whose jets like strong hands massaging the body. The apogee of hydrotherapy inventions of the last century was probably the "golden chair" — a half bath, made of brass, including those destined for the upper-class passengers on the famous "Titanic."

Today, the development of sanitary equipment are maintained at the level of sophisticated technology. Bath literally crammed with microprocessors, turbines, steam generators, air pumps, etc. And, apparently, they look just as easy — equipment hidden in the body. Imagine a body cast from plastic reinforced for rigidity glass fibers, and on top of weld plate made of strong acrylic glass. This bath is always amazes with its whiteness and brilliance. Its shape is designed in such a way that after the procedure all the water has drained.

Why do we need water treatment?

  • One of the causes of female sterility may be inadequate ovarian function and as a consequence, nesozrevanie egg. Sometimes it is possible to get to "work" the ovary, improving its blood supply. With this task perfectly cope carbon dioxide bath (integrated steam generator produces steam and mixes it with carbon dioxide, all served in a bath). Carbon dioxide in admixture with steam is converted to carbonic acid and absorbed by human skin. As a result increases the speed of blood flow in peripheral vessels, and enhances the circulatory system and other internal organs.
  • In diseases of the abdominal cavity is effective underwater shower massage with rotary spray that relieves pain in the scar on the peritoneum, chronic gastritis, gall bladder for5-7 sessions. In the nozzle holes are not straight, but at an angle of 45 °. The water coming out of them, creating the effect of a jet and head spinning. You probably saw something similar at the fountains, and remember that with the formation of a water cone. It is this cone has the effect of sucks when the nozzle is brought close to the body. It does not create discomfort and, at the same time, due to the strong pressure affects deeper conventional jet directly.
  • Many people probably have experienced pain in the muscles after an intense workload. They are caused by an accumulation of lactic acid, which the body because of anoxia did not have time to break down and "recycle." Thus there is a sense of fossils muscles of hands, legs, back and neck. Remove the stagnation of the deepest muscles is not easy — it takes to bring the body into a state of complete relaxation. This is possible only in the water when the body is not the force of gravity, and it is in a state similar to weightlessness. In such cases, the technique of underwater shower-massage water jets. The muscles in the warm water relaxes the maximum, and the jet has a profound impact. Skin after scuba shower-massage red, increases nutrition of tissues, stimulates the metabolism. All this helps to cure inflammation of internal organs, tissue healing after injury.
  • Similar effects have so-called bubble baths. In the vessel wall built jets that fill the water millions of air bubbles, which help to relax, soothe the nervous system.
  • Electrogalvanic bath in its effects are similar to a cold shower or stay in the sun: improved blood flow in the tissues, supply them with oxygen, reduces inflammation in muscles and joints, normal blood pressure, increased levels of hemoglobin, decreased the percentage of sugar in the blood and urine.
  • Do not lose its relevance today, and soul. Think of a familiar picture: the patient is, "skukozhilas" in the corner, and a hose from the hose as his "shooting" a formidable nurse in blue overalls and rubber boots. Yes, it is shower "Sharko", which is designed for modern equipment with different attachments. Stiff neck (a small stream, a strong pressure) relaxes the major muscle: use it to massage the thigh, upper arm, back and neck. Open hose without nozzle gives a broad stream of effusions. In this case, water is then hot, then cold, which improves muscle tone, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, peripheral nerves, improves metabolism and hardens.
  • Many people enjoy Mantel-shower, shower-coat or circular— Water ring surrounds, like a coat. A plurality of thin streams of stabbing tonic effect on the body, so the circular shower is not recommended for people nervous. The shower temperature is gradually lowered from 36 to 24 degrees.

Traditions hydrotherapy develop. For example, when an old Josip Broz Tito was already very ill and weakened, he ordered a special bath with a door. The order was made, andbath was so comfortable that it allowed into production. Amenities of a modern hydrotherapy equipment facilities meet high-end car. And by the way, many of our health centers they can use at an affordable price.


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