What good is the newest family of diesel engines JAMZ-530?

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The new inline engine family JAMZ-530 in 4 — and 6-cylinder version have liquid-cooled, turbocharged with charge air cooling in the heat exchanger of the "air-to-air" and the displacement of one cylinder 1.1 L (the dimension cylinder 105? 128 mm). Thus, 4-cylinder, 4.43 liter version 17.5 for compression will be offered with a capacity of 136, 150 and 170 liters. s. at 2300 rev / min and 6-cylinder, 6.65 liter can develop 240, 270, 285 or 312 liters. s. Depending on the version. The values of torque 4-cylinder engine range from 422 to 710 N • m, 6-cylinder — from 900 to 1226 N • m Life-cycle engines in production is defined in 20-25 years. Overhaul should be at least 800 — 1000 thousand miles.

The advanced design provides for the use of diesel fuel injection equipment Common Rail System from Bosch electronically controlled fuel supply and the provision of fuel injection pressure up to 1800 kg/cm2. The lubrication system of diesel engines equipped with a full-flow oil filter company MANN + HUMMEL. The engines will be equipped with Borg Warner turbochargers firm with bypass valves. For easier cold starts for them to install an electric heating elements power 1.9 kW.

Ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable environmental standards designed to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), including the recirculation damper solenoid valve and actuator Oxidative muffler with catalytic converter and two particulate filters. The engine will be equipped with air brake compressor and power steering pump.

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

The layout of the engine is such that the gear drive units located at the flywheel. This solution provided a low level of torsional vibrations and noise (less than 93 dB (A)). Closed crankcase ventilation gases of diesel engines integrated into the cylinder head cover and requires no maintenance.

Diesels family JAMZ-530 is supposed to supply trucks MAZ full weight up to 12 tons, as well as train at their base with full weight up to 21 tons, buses PAZ family, medium-duty trucks GAZ-3308 "Sadko" and GAZ-3309, buses LiAZ KAvZ new agricultural trucks of GAZ "Ermak" trucks "Ural", KrAZ, MWTP, etc.

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