What will be the verdict on a human shield?

Point in case "human shields" — this is the answer to the question: Will put an end to the practice of keeping the commandments of the traffic police at any cost, in including price and threat to human life? So yesterday raised the question lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya time pleadings. The lawyer believes that if the sentence is Myagenkaya in subsequent times it will not suspend the newest creation similar curtain. Gennady Dorogokupets accused policemen and Alexei Likhtarovich guilty do not recognize their patron Basil TULYAKOV asks tribunal to justify police and prosecutor Nikolai Dubenok agree to probation. That thinks about the future Vera Stramkouskaya sentence? This question I asked a lawyer before the pleadings:
"I think we were able to prove the guilt of the accused. We collected a lot of evidence that they have created an action that needs legal assessment. What will be the verdict? Act and provides for a fine and a suspended sentence and three years of imprisonment. Some victims did not insist on the most formidable punishment, because, I believe, the court did not have the opportunity to be very tough. For me, the main thing that will be given legal assessment of the actions of employees of traffic police, that such a practice in the country braked. And to my own clients had received compensation for moral and material damage. "

It will be very sad if we have suffered, shall leave the courtroom with the feeling that there is no place to expect help.

So Vera Stramkouskaya read a couple of minutes to litigation. But during their re-defendants have pleaded not guilty and had not even asked for forgiveness from the victims. According to the lawyer, they did not repent, and because Vera asked Stramkouskaya real punishment, but not the greatest. In other words — imprisonment, but not Three years. Vera Stramkouskaya also requested the tribunal to make a special definition in the address GAI. According to the lawyer, the behavior of some court employees GAI indicate, that in this state services are not made harsh conclusions from what happened.
Injured Yury Kolpakov Pashkevich and Lena asked the court real punishment for the accused. Kolpakov Lena explained to that the incident caused her psychological trauma from which it is up to This time can not apravitstsa. That’s what Lena answered Kolpakov my question about the future of the sentence:
"I can not even give a forecast. Seems everyone has the facts. Seen that the traffic police are lying support each other. It will be very sad and hurt, when we have suffered, get out of the courtroom with the feeling that there is no place to expect help. What has the rescue of drowning case of drowning. No desire to live in a mercantile society. "
The verdict in the case of "human shields" will be announced a day or two hours.

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