Where to seek out work abroad Grodno?

Grodno, to which I applied, not remembered the neighboring Poland. Everyone they know have worked or work in Western countries. Even the journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" grodnenets Andrei Pochobut says he knows only the people who worked in the Czech Republic and Sweden. Now many people put their trust to get "Pole’s Card", but they do not expect to work faster in the adjacent country, and then to return border business that braked after entering Poles Schengen visas, said Andrei Poczobutt.
The first of the passers-by, which I caught at the center of Grodno, was Vladimir Prokopovych, who worked for twelve years in the Czech Republic. Whether he felt himself secure, whether there was convinced that nothing will happen?
Prakapovich: "And on the" dark "work, and the official working normally was investigated by 99 percent in Czech."
Reporter: "And how much you earned in comparison with the Czechs? Same amount or less?"
Man: "Less naturally. I have not earned it means precisely, to work, but I lost them, lived in normal way. No longer need, and then I paid seven bucks, and I’m an ordinary builder."
Grodno builders themselves now have jobs, wages are rising, because, for example, in Russia travel less than before, says the Sovereign Prokopovych.
I met the guys who trained builders and rely on later to go to Spain, where their friends were doing on the site. By the way, at the same place I once spoke with a former Grodno, a member of the BPF Sergei Novitsky, who remained in Belgium and currently has in Brussels small construction company, while working in it — the Poles.
Students can often hear that the members worked in Sweden, Norway or in Britain. For example, strawberries were harvested.
Youth: "The law works, but they knew that after four months they will be required and no one will need to vorachivatsya home. They had to resign, was expelled from the faculty to go there. Restored in a year."
However, they were trained on a free, and now have to recover on a paid. At school they have earned, but still lost a year, says a student.
Reporter: "So you state that in Connecticut, in the town began to develop Bryzhpart Grodno diaspora?"
Another young man: "My brother worked legally in the U.S., in the state of Connecticut, a builder. Were minuses — the health care system, he did not have such insurance, but did not find a dime. Lived in an area where afraamerykanskae naseltsitva, but the problems he had."
According to my informant, in the state of Connecticut, in the town begins to set Bryzhpart "Grodno diaspora." Some former Grodno even lived there for 10 years, graduated from Prof. courses received specialty, have housing, their own business. For more conviction abroad need to know the language, and his brother read well in English — says the man.

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