Whether Belarus will take into East program working?

He noted that "the main people’s freedom this country not produced. "specific reason for this statement became 50 thousand signatures in support of the Belarusian people’s freedom of conscience in Belarus. Their transferred to the European Parliament, opposition politicians and Paul Alexander Milinkevich Seviarynets.
Milinkevich so ignorant of the meeting with the Euro Parliament:
"Personally, Poettering said that his it is very impressive. He realizes people, which put a signature at risk. Indeed, there were fines and arrests of people, and persecution. Certainly, it is courage and plainclothes position. And he said such great words: "We have always been in agreement with you. But fundamentally, so that people inside Belarus were solidarity as they struggle for freedom. "
Mr Poettering bezotstupno urged the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners, including Alexander Kozulin. Member of the House of Representatives Alexander Svirid such an approach does not agree:
"I believe that we have political prisoners. Repeat: We have no political prisoners. If someone bullies, it must, as in any country, be responsible for it, and not for the fact that his political views creeping political gaze of the Belarusian authorities. "
In a statement Poettering mentioned the fact that the Belarusian authorities violate the rights to freedom of confession Belarusians. Rev. Alexander Shramko commented this situation:
"Most importantly, violated the principle of such a person in accordance with his own conscience can believe. And this is such a variety of quality shows. For example, the limited ability to spread their own faith. Reduces the ability to pray, because if less than 20 people will gather in the church community, the impossible to make the community. unrealistic and registered, so it must have the room, according to the conditions. And it’s not must residential premises, as previously allowed. And at the moment you need to have religious buildings. And it can only build a legal entity. And it turns out is a vicious circle. "
Vorachivayas to meetings in the European Parliament, Alexander Milinkevich notes that the European Union, although Belarus does not go into this business to be "very seriously examine these complaints." But it did not stop the negative, the politician said:
"And they were also very important discussion about the fact that the EU is currently developing a special program of the Eastern Partnership. Their partnership has programm for the Mediterranean. Now the Poles and Swedes have offered to do this program from — to Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and under certain criteria Belarus. And this is a great chance for Belarus. Special programm — it’s a lot better aaplet neighborliness. There is still great potential. But certain requirements must be met. "
In comments that circulated after the meeting of the Press Service of the European Parliament, stated that "only the performance of the main democratic criterion will allow the European Union to restore the case with Belarus."

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