Whose homeland Venesuela?

"The Emperor Chavez — very exotic political figure. But he achieves their goals these visits to Moscow and Minsk. A goal — to draw attention to yourself first in the sight of the "Third World", to show himself a favorite, which is not afraid of anything. Maybe more pragmatic goal — to buy guns.

As for representatives of the official Minsk, then they have secret hopes that in a few places there are durachiny, as in Russia, in which can be in exchange for kisses get something more real. But the mentality in other Hispanics. Chavez will obymatsya, call my brother, but the funds will be "mañana" — it later tomorrow. But usually — never.
The only thing that deserves attention is the slip of the tongue about homeland Chavez in Venezuela (recall Chavez told Lukashenko: "Venesuela — your homeland, the birthplace of all present." — Revision). Maybe have some soundings were made, and this is not accidental slip of the tongue. Perhaps, indeed some members of the ruling group in Belarus consider Venezuela as a future home for themselves and their own offspring. "

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