Why authorities are unwilling and unable to speak with the public?

On Thursday meeting inhabitants of Minsk dissatisfied liquidation Sevastopol park, with control of the district administration occurred in the presence of police and special forces operatives camera. Why did the authorities can speak with a population only by force? Maybe if the creation of "country people" without the participation of the people? How to respond to this society? Participants sociologist Sergei Nikoliuk and methodological Matskevich.
Strength as a communication mechanism
Valery Karbalevich"In the near future all local conflicts often occur between the population and the local authorities. Pukhovichi In the area people protest against the construction of chemical plant. Minsk dwellers protesting against building Sevastopol park. Can recall other conflict situations, when the inhabitants are unhappy with the construction of a new home in your own backyard .
Nothing sensational here: the situation when there is a mismatch of interest to ordinary of any country. But this fascinating reaction of the authorities. The main used against protesters force. Trials over the last rally in the village everybody, protesting against the construction of a chemical plant.
That meeting was accomplished yesterday inhabitants who are unhappy destruction Sevastopol park, with control of the district administration. It took place in the presence of the police special forces operatives camera and all other attributes, which are usually accompanied by actions of the opposition. People simply did not read, ask questions. So why the authorities can talk with a population only by force, and any other communication devices do not recognize? "
Sergei Nikoliuk"Specifically, as people protested, the authorities have reacted. Now, if it was a complaint. Specifically complaints using the interaction of power and society. In the presidential administration for the year comes to a lot of emails. Often their correct answer. But the boundary between the complaint and protest is not difficult perahoditstsa. "
Matskevich"There are several different qualities. First, let’s take a subjective personalized nuance. The local authorities do not have enough of certain competencies, desire to learn and question others.
Overall corrupt dictatorships as people, and the power and the bureaucracy. People are losing the ability to engage in interpersonal affairs, talk and negotiate. Authorities can only obey the supreme chiefs and guessing.
Second caveat — the legal. Local authorities are not responsible to the population, because it did not choose her. This authority shall be responsible to his superiors. Because what to talk to those who make it subordinate?
Democratic states is an extraordinary phenomenon, when the power comes into conflict with society. There is power acts as a mediator in conflicts between different groups.
In Belarus, as in other countries with undemocratic regimes, it is a common phenomenon. Here is an independent authority and subject conflicts with society. But she does not know differently, not counting the use of forced way. "
Maybe if the creation of "country people" without the participation of the people?
Karbalevich"Lukashenko set to build the puzzle" government for the people. "Do not exclude that in this sense, his sincere aspirations. But it seems that happens like that joke: that neither create out a Kalashnikov rifle. Finally managed to build such a traditional bureaucratic system where the authority knows better what people need. For example, she believes that people need ice palaces in large quantities, although there are not enough doctors, there are problems with medical equipment. And when people say in public that their other values, then get clubbed over the head.
I wish to see that the country created a large ideological vertical, just for that to work with the population. But in all conflict situations people do not say these ideologues and riot police. So maybe if the creation of "country people" without the participation of the people? "
Nikoliuk"The answer is very clear. Lukashenko in his official biography on the president’s Web site notes that people refer to him" Dad. "This means look at the government as a huge patriarchal family. It is only one entity — the father who runs the family. All no other personal rights and interests have not. Because only power defines the public interest and sells them. "
Mackiewicz"Let’s see populist rhetoric and sincere aspirations. Maybe once Lukashenka has been outspoken zeal to build a" people’s government. "But there is a logic of events. As the executor, the cause of evil there is an error in thinking. Misconception that People have the government, the role of power leads to forcible action of the most sincere intentions.
All municipal universities focus not on what to take into account people’s worldview, but in order to teach people to live right. Thus the country rises to the old statist philosophy of Confucius in China. "
How to respond to a municipal model of society itself?
Karbalevich"As society itself? It took these rules and silent? Or it distracting? Here united democratic forces bring to the fall elections main message: we need public control over the authorities. Maybe it gets to the point of public feelings? Or not?"
Nikoliuk"There are several sociological Aqsa. Thus, the tasks that are at the center of public opinion made no impartial reasons, but there is no result of political subjects. These subjects form a certain platform on which some problem of trying to convey to the masses. Then, if a problem becomes topical in society, then automatically decreases the relevance of all other problems.
That problem, which is currently designated the opposition can not be on the primary subsequent presidential elections. Because after a while it will have to find the latest and the problem of using their own limited media resources tend plunging her into society.
How does the society? The fact that there is a company, it is split in a ratio of 3:7. Most of it wishes paternalistic care of the country. While Lukashenko plays the role of "father", she supports it. Second part of the same society will not accept anything that comes from the government.
If the popularity of Lukashenko’s impartial reasons begins to fall, as it was in 2002-2003, then among his admirers is a split. Significant part of it goes into the state of those who do not determine. These people do not run across to the opposition, and seek out for yourself another favorite of this type. "
Mackiewicz"Society does not accept and tolerate such a system faster. Many people believe that what is happening in the country, wrong. But they take it as a reality and I am sure that can not be otherwise. To such a situation involved Belarusian intellectuals. They talked a lot of peasant mentality, tolerance Belarusians and other legends.
Because on a personal level Belarusians do not agree with this, but can not give a collective response to such acts violently because they are not organized. Only certain groups whose interests coincide temporarily, give the answer, protesting.
Generally not interested in most of the embodiment of the principle of public control over the government, and the decision of its own local, personal issue.
Now the opposition. Now some in the community to address this promise. And the opposition itself has not shown the ability to control power. And society is not seeking ".

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