Why do you have a process in the cemetery?

Once expanded and intuitive concept in the midst of all faiths — springtime or autumn Dzyady — now there is almost never used. But all Christians adopted for its tradition of remembrance Protz first day of November, much less that the Orthodox to this day coincides with "Dimitryevay memorial Saturday." "Dzyady" is likely to be associated with a certain romantic drama Adam Mickiewicz. Of course, not everyone understands the difference a day or "Halloween" on November 1 and "zadushnaya Days" on November 2, is not practiced funeral feasts, as it happens on the Orthodox Radunitsa, but the custom of visiting graves Protz, laying flowers and lighting candles and lamps ("sacred fire ") in late October and early November, became universal. People are moving en masse to the graves of loved ones, even for hundreds of kilometers, due to weather and busy traffic on the roads every year hundreds of people die, the real harvest traders have lyampak and wreaths, but the tradition is stronger than all obstacles.
This is a special day to the same as in the cemetery — that faith, or so called "communal" to unbelievers or for those who are in conflict with the church, buried by a secular rite, without a priest, — come and those that are on their often, and those that visit them once a year. Pochetayut memory of the deceased and active believers, and those who did not go to church or do not recognize them. Of course, the dead unite all outputting the mystery of life and death, cause reflections on the world beyond the grave, which we do not know. For some, this is heaven, a place of endless repose that people deserve their own lives and good deeds. For others it is a closer indefinite being in another dimension or just nothingness. Person died, the body rotted — and that’s all. We all remember the loved ones who are no longer alive, friends who are no longer. Remember how we treated him during his lifetime, not just feel the pangs of conscience, not fussed how to old parents that lethargy them much grief, that did not render tribute attention, did not find time for family and friends. Think what would have been their life when they were still living, remember lived together with me.
It is considered that the fear of perdition — the most primitive sense. Basic law of biology — conservation own life, only later, at the second location, saving kind. Man in general, in contrast to all other living creatures, notes understanding mortality. He knows that at some point die, and this doomed fate is trying to cope with or religion, or philosophy or psychology. A couple of times I have witnessed the agony of a man heard his last breath. As a priest read rutynnyya phrase about the immortality of the soul, that death — is not the end, but the beginning of a new and best state. But imagine a situation for themselves. That said, if there’s a 2-coffins father and 20-year-old daughter, mother and wife in the clinic in a coma, and the funeral are only surviving offspring of 10-year-old and his older brother, who during a disaster was in the army? Drove more than a thousand miles from the surface Balyatonu but crashed for a couple of miles from home. In such a moment hard to refrain from tears, and find at least a religious interpretation of such catastrophes family. Why Tipo merciful God let this happen? Topics more than that a couple of months and the eldest son died-military — drowned in a pond near an ordinary house …
Noteworthy that both the Church and atheists very emphasize the importance of good deeds. My friend said he had participated in the burial of a secular party member. Sounded mournful music were candles, flowers, it was the leading secular funeral (by the way, a former security officer). He did not read about the immortality of the soul, makes no mention of God or of heaven or hell, but very stressed awards late, it is not bad that he did in life and on this he will live in the memory of people. Incidentally, the Church prays to save a dead man "endless memory".
Apparently, in the case of the memory of the dead — the main thing, but the commemoration of the dead and we need — still alive. Our memory allows us to continue to co-exist with those who are already at the physical level is not. If they are stored in our hearts — so there. Due to the memory alive and dead constitute one magical integrity. When you stand over the graves of relatives and friends, and may receive such an idea: in general and whether and how they will remember me? This is an incentive in order to zadumovvatstsa often over their own lives to live it better, smarter.
I have during the general Souls, namely Dzyady not just appear question: "Why do you all processes in the cemetery just this day? Did not have to keep in mind about the dead always visit their graves often and in other days are? Do not clean the graves should not only once a year? But if I see that, despite the autumn weather, cold wind, rain and snow, even if only once a year, so many people at the cemetery, no longer think it’s just a tribute to tradition. Do something bad times better than ever. Maybe thanks days of this we get at least a little best, and maybe the world in general is not so bad.

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