Why investigator shot Papin?

Reminder of this last political prisoner Alexei Shidlovskii, which sought political refuge in the Czech Republic and is currently in the country. According to Alexei Shydlovsky investigator Vasily Papin in 1997 conducted the case of political graffiti in the column with the result that the young activists were convicted and Alex Szydlowski Vadim Labkovich.

Alexei Shidlovskii"Investigator Papin practically fabricated this case and then retired from the Columns to increase to Minsk. He during the investigation and did not hide that works to order. Moral framework, in my opinion, he did not have any. So says a lot for the column where he and I were born, "- says Alex Szydlowski.
October 28, it became clear that two months back the investigator Vasily Papin shot himself in his office of a pistol. Minsk regional prosecutor’s office where he worked, the circumstances of suicide does not comment. Meanwhile, sources in the police, suicide investigator "Tipo associated with the media."
One of the victims in the "human shields" Yuri Pashkevych Vasily Papin mentions: "As for me, as an investigator, he showed his best side. Excellent organized investigative experience was very responsible and attentive to all the details. Already after the court called and wanted to know how things are going, if we got the payment. We really sorry. My wife, when found out about his death, did not hold back the tears. "
Recall, for the creation of "human shields" from their cars Minsk district tribunal were sentenced to probation former traffic police Alexei Likhtarovich and Gennady Dorogokupets. Meanwhile, according to the victims, not counting their "human shield" did two policemen who eventually ended eyewitnesses. Tribunal has not set and control the traffic police, who gave the order to suspend subordinates unprofessional offender curtain of private cars.

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