Why the government has taken in opposition to the county commission?

Vitaly Tsigankov: "Right now completed one of the first steps of the parliamentary election campaign — formed DECs. Remind our listeners that in the House of Representatives consists of 110 deputies and 110, respectively, created district commissions. So first present data provide enough for many sudden picture — many county Commission meetings are formed on the local executive committees include representatives of opposition parties. For example, in the Gomel region opposition entered 13 of 17 county commissions in Brest — p 26 nominated representatives of the opposition in the 16 county commissions include second
This is, perhaps, slightly, but remember that during the parliamentary elections in the whole country in the commission came just a few members of the opposition. Why the government went to such a step. There imavernasts that these elections can not go because all elections in the last 10-12 years? "
"The authorities will seek to make a total for a day or for a long time to vote"

Matskevich: "At the moment the power is very interested in recognition of the elections by the European Union. And because they will seek to minimize falsification during the vote count. But the elections — is not a simple process. They are not made in a day of voting. Authorities, using administrative resources, are able to provide an appropriate outcome of elections for a long time to process the voting itself.
Therefore, one should consider that monitoring and control of all public decides that it acts only at the time of voting. Authorities will presently use of administrative resources and pressure to make their desired outcome for a long time until a day or voting. Because I believe they went to meet the requirement of Europe Tipo include opposition to the county commission, because it seems to them quite reliable. After all they plan to do before "
Tsigankov: "How to unleash the power of this issue — on the one hand, between the desire to ensure the desired outcome and make-controlled House of Representatives, on the other hand — a campaign so that the West recognized the election and composition of the House of the latest?"

"The power really went to meet"

Yuri Chausov: "You are quite right drew this problem. Inter with 2 of these need power and produces campaign strategy.
I would have said that the government really has met the requirements of the opposition and its Western partners. Here it is impossible to say that this is a purely declarative step. This indicates how important for the opposition to make a unified approach and stick to it. Another thing is that the presence of these people in the committees guarantees absolutely nothing. Does not guarantee at least some departures from the usual method of aggressive campaigning.
While this is a message for outdoor use — say, you can run a campaign so that she can look and feel for you. But this is not to retreat from the old style. "

Will there be enough resources for all the opposition committee?

Tsigankov: "Yuri, but as a fundamental step to follow is — education precinct commissions? Because there specifically to voting day, as evidenced by many people tossed up and watching the newsletters can not go close to the table counting votes .."

Chausov: "As correctly noted by Vladimir elections — is a daunting process. Impossible to completely refute the role of district commissions — this is a very fundamental role during the campaign. Himself in election day, they really do not mean a lot of things, but in some cases, they are an additional mechanism corrections. For example, if a district commissions come protocols without proper advance planning figures.
But, of course, the main body which specifically produces a voting function — this precinct commissions. Opposition forces are presently before challenging enough. They went in the direction of promoting their own representatives to the authorities conducting the election, and have gained certain of success here. Subsequent logical step — the same total advance in the district commissions.
But here’s the problem — in the opposition do not have enough human resources to ensure that immediately produce a strong information campaign (and this is one of the objectives of the role in the elections) and immediately envelop all their land nominees. And here again we meet with the problem of the definition of "shock districts" where you can throw all the human, material and organizational resources. And it is at the moment a very difficult task for the opposition "
Tsigankov: "We recall that on July 10, Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on elections, highlighted his claim that the campaign should be very open, democratic and fully transparent. Maybe just as much power in the now not afraid of opposition that can allow themselves the luxury to spend relatively free elections? "
Mackiewicz: "I do not see any configuration that would give the opportunity to present that these elections will be freer than the past. But what really power currently held tight monitoring abilities of the opposition — it is. And what about the resources that the opposition now has, they apparently do not make mistakes.
And even here the union of all resources can not always bear fruit because we are attached to registration. Even when people have their impossible to transfer from the 1st to the neighborhood of another. And it further complicates the ability of the opposition to use this situation "

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