Will returned trade preferences?

What decision can take in Belarus international trade unionists? Does that-nibudt Belarusian government to fulfill ILO advice? These questions are answered by the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (CDTU) Alexander Yarashuk.
Tsigankov: "In what will open a discussion nuance Belarusian issue? What decisions can be made on the basis of the entire logic of the development of relations between Belarus and the ILO?"
Yarashuk: "Nuance can be one, and it has a particular connection with the fact that the Belarusian government does councils ILO. Seventh year in a row is considered the Belarusian question 5 times in the country was introduced into" special paragraph "once did a commission of inquiry. If imply that last year no significant changes did not work — you can predict that the conversation will be very tight. likely, it will be carried out on regular, already the second "special paragraph" for our country.
Tsigankov: "Explain what this means? Either it means that there will again be continued deprivation of Belarus trade preferences, which was adopted by the European Union in the previous year?"
Yarashuk: "Specifically so. Indeed the EU in such decisions is guided only by the ILO assessment professionals. And of course, the Union have not yet no reason to reconsider this decision."
Tsigankov: "Does this mean that in the past year the Belarusian authorities have done nothing to fulfill the ILO Governing Body, namely, to make the best position-independent unions in the country?"
Yarashuk"I can not read on, that the government in general waved his hand on the fate of preferences — such a conclusion would be quite wrong. They are very concerned about this issue. After all, it is not just about the direct loss (which, incidentally, are quite small, although it is now clear figure is unknown). Much more threatening indirect loss — which appear due to the fact that the country will not come and investments will not be realized or those other projects. And these indirect losses can reach 10’s and hundreds of millions of euros.
One corresponding item — authorities have not adopted the Law on Trade Unions, which has been declared, and in accordance with the presidential decree was to be adopted in the spring of last year. And this law seriously aggravates the legal status of trade unions, it hung over us like Damocles’ sword. Now the adoption of freezes. This proves that the government is very concerned about the escalation of relations with the ILO and as a result — with the European Union. "

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