Will the choice of the election?

SLM 110 candidates nominated as a candidate — one per county. By Statkevich, European Coalition will run for the House of Representatives by a separate UDF list — "European".
Nomination candidates for deputies will run until August 18. From 19 to 28 August will take their registration.
Elections to the House of Representatives will be held on September 28. Have the right to nominate candidates political parties, labor groups, citizens by collecting signatures. To become a candidate by collecting signatures must be collected over 1,000 signatures from voters.

ODIHR observers can lead salting Ahrens

German diplomat Gert Heinrich Ahrens — A possible candidate for that goal to lead the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which will monitor the parliamentary elections in Belarus.
Gomel: "To participate in this farce does not make sense"

At the conference of the Gomel Regional UCP unanimously decision not to participate in the parliamentary elections if the authorities ignore the demands made by the regional united democratic forces.

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