Will there be free and democratic elections?

Youth"Certainly, the elections will be free and democratic, since I do not believe this. Well, do not imagine that there was something free."
Man: "I know that in your own awareness, of course, that the elections as I think, will be exactly democratic, as the other simply can not be. After all, everything is open and transparent, that do not even know: not the first time these elections are open and democratic. "
Another man: "As for you to say … (Thinks) Well, I think — yes."
Woman: "Yes, I think they will be free and democratic."
Reporter: "Why do you think so?"
Woman: "As president, I think our so said. Because will "(with a grin).
Reporter: "Well, the president said so, and you yourself personally, what do you think?"
Woman: "I think we have a very strict control in Belarus, and it all depends on the president."
Young Man: "Time will tell, at this point while norwhat to say by this occasion I can not. "
His girlfriend: "I think that they will not be free and democratic. Did we have something free there? In my opinion, there is no".
Woman: "Well, promised that all Tipo we show how we are all super-puper democratically, as nowhere else. But frankly, I do not really believe it. Would be desirable, of course, but — no …"
Lady: "Hunting believe that will be free, but we think …"
Reporter: "But do you think that — no?"
Lady: "Well, so we believe that is unlikely."
Her friend: "Hardly will, in Belarusian speaking."
Man: "I am confident that the elections will be undemocratic and unfree."
Reporter: "Why do you think that you are assured of that?"
Man: "The lack of other means mass disk imaging. Practically they — one of the criteria, I think, transparent and democratic elections. People just lack other disk imaging. "
Another man: "It is not exactly I can tell: What is or will be, or what — no, we do all that about … "
Young Man: "I do not know — there will be elections democratic or not, but there is past experience: at our polling station for local elections always running candidate of the BPF and always gaining a half or two per cent, although all vote for him. Well read about here? No, perhaps they will not be democratic. "

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