Wine enema: extreme, which could cost lives

The wine enema

In the United States, and more specifically, the home is now twice the U.S. President George W. Bush — in Texas, the real tragedy was played out around a ridiculous death, which took place in May 2004.

Someone Michael Warner, big drinker, suffered a sore throat, which prevented him from doing things you love. A drink like very much. All would be likely to cost, but the 42-year-old wife of Michael — Tammy — decided to help the suffering husband. In her judgment, two bottles of sherry had to bring to life the 58-year-old husband. But for some reason Michael died.

The investigation revealed a number of interesting circumstances. Since Michael Warner had problems with his throat, he could not take alcohol in a traditional way and the wife gave him an enema of sherry. The total number of strong wine made three liters of alcohol concentration in the blood of poor guy has reached 4.7 ppm — despite the fact that 5 ppm is considered to be a lethal concentration — and he was safely dead.

Tammy Warner charged with two charges: of involuntary manslaughter in the burning of her husband's will a month before his death (it also became clear during the investigation). Each of these items threatens the woman to two years in prison. She admits that her husband did an enema, but states that did not want his death. Tammy surrendered to police and released on bail of 30,000 dollars.

The direction is set

It would seem that Warren was just unlucky. Described as cases of people safely survive, and having a much higher concentration of alcohol in the blood. As was the case with 67-year-old Bulgarian, whose blood was 9.14 per mille of alcohol — almost twice as deadly. In this case, the hospital bed he was just because he was hit by a car.

However, the Bulgarian drunk in a traditional way, through the mouth, and the American went the other way — and that's how sad it was over. In fact, the route of administration of alcohol in the body is of paramount importance. Alcohol, which we ingest must go through the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver … a long and tedious way in which alcohol is partially destroyed. And the breath clearly demonstrates that a person has "laid the collar."

How many times have heard about the ingenious truck drivers, who, in order not to be caught with the traffic police in the most unequivocal smell, do yourself a vodka enema. Supposedly achieved the desired effect, and the Driver's License can be left holding the bag.

However, it's not so easy, and these stories are tales rather than a guide to action. For example, a blood test for alcohol has not been canceled, and her blood, it does not matter, after some horrible hole alcohol inside.

Straight gut— Quite a unique organ in our body. It not only directly involved in breeding results of processing food outside. Here are the main absorption of water from the stool back toorganism. Furthermore, venous blood, from which liquid is returned to the system directly ottekaet two large veins of the body — a portal (portal) and the inferior vena.

The system of portal vein, which then carries the blood to the liver, of little interest to us, because there flows off a small part of what has grown deep. But the inferior vena Vienna flow directly into the heart, to be exact — in the right atrium, then blood of it enters the right ventricle, is thrown into the pulmonary circulation (light), and then into the left atrium, left ventricle and finally into the main trunk of the body — the aorta. All this happens very quickly, so all that is absorbed into the rectum, is in the lungs and the rest of the body much faster than falling through the mouth.

This long enjoyed pharmacists, manufacturing such a dosage form as a rectal suppository, better known as "candle". The vast majority of parents know that a young child with a temperature easier to enter in the ass antipyretic candle than to try to give a pill. The candle will act much faster, and the effect on the liver is minimal. And nothing about the medicinal enemas may have heard all, some even experienced them myself.

The alcohol enema as a variety of extreme sports

If you add up all the words of the rectum, it turns out that alcohol, inserted into it will almost instantly in the lungs (and therefore exhaled air will unfortunate odor), then "hit" in the head. Moreover, its concentration will increase exponentially. A person can very quickly lose control of the situation, and how these experiments on a run — it depends on the dose received fortress "inside" the drink and plans for your life in the office of heaven.

We should not forget about one particular of the mucous membrane of the rectum — it is much more sensitive than the oral mucosa. And it is fraught with irritation increased peristaltic activity, to put it simply — a pronounced laxative effect, which is, by the way, say almost everything, tried to imagine such an unusual way of drinking.

There is another danger — on the tongue and in the mouth, we have a huge number of taste buds, and if low-quality alcohol, or contains foreign matter — you can feel it and spit it out dangerous for the body swipes. And in the rectum of taste buds is not provided, and for spitting it, to put it mildly, is not adapted.

Taking alcohol with the traditional side of the body, a person usually bites. In addition to the good feeling and satisfaction of hunger, snack, especially dense, plays the role of a shock absorber that prevents the absorbed once more alcohol. But as a snack enema — it is better not to try to imagine.

Thus, the issue of delivery of ethyl alcohol into better to stick to age-old traditions of humanity. Somehow it is more reliable.

Alexei Vodovozov

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