With milk contaminated with strontium make butter

According to Deputy Chairman selgaskamitetu Alexander Kopytkova, economy of the seventeen districts already delivered 50 tons of dairy products for their own milk production grade "Extra." This grade complies with the European requirements. Then another level of milk microbial somatic cell protein. Is defined as the allowable amount of harmful substances.
But what radionuclides — not so long ago a major obstacle in obtaining high-quality milk for radiation dirty areas?
Outlook brain health doctor of the regional center of hygiene and epidemiology Victor Naralenkava:
"It’s still seen as a business project. Processors us have not been accessed, to take the line. Radionuclides in milk of us in the area, a couple of times below the allowable limit. This milk, which is sold in the trade — even without the "Extra." And in a class "Extra" — ibid raw material zones defined in including and radyelyagichnym indicator. So there more secure. "

Milk in excess of strontium is used only for oil.

Radionuclides in milk products to the nearest time were headache and sending food for export. Even in Russia permissible levels of radioactive cesium in milk twice lower than in the official Belarusian benchmark. Belarus — bekerelyav 100 per liter, in Russia — 50 bekerelyav.
In practice, Belarusian refiners have to hunt down zarazhanasts raw materials not only cesium, and strontium.
That’s what, namely, told one of spetsialistok Khoyniki cheese factory where milk comes from local and state and collective farms and from farms adjacent Bragin district:
"There is excess levels of contamination of milk cesium Bragin district in Khoiniki — no cesium. But we have a 3-farms on individual farm excess levels of strontium — in the same "Strelichevo", "of Borisov." Per liter of milk zarazhanastsi strontium level should not exceed 3.7 bekerelya and is 4 and about 5 bekerelyav. It all is brought together, mixed — and we can not do the sorting. Because such milk in excess of strontium is used only for oil. "
As for consumers, in the region at the moment, many are trying to take dairy products, which run on cleaner areas. For example, "Savushkin product" from Brest or Minsk dairy products.
But so far not come all.
"We buy their own. And where are we going to take? We do not know, dirty products or not — we buy and eat. Cheese, butter, sour cream — if only the funds were in the pocket" — says pensioner Nina Khoyniki.

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