With the explosion it is necessary to draw conclusions for the opposition

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At the concert, to days of independence in Minsk improvised explosion device. 10s people were hospitalized with injuries. Expression of the listener:
Man: "What happened on Friday night, this explosion at a concert of this have to do basic conclusions for the opposition: finish any shares, any claim, as the economy is in a peaceful state. And it is the same that was made in Moscow explosion at Kashira Highway to unleash war in Chechnya. Same is done and we have to move the failed policies in the economic, social and international relations in our country. "
Expression commented civilian head of the United Party Anatol Liabedzka:
"Whatever we had read, who did — city or insane, or an international terrorist, or someone from the organized power structures — power, of course, has the ability to use it for their own purposes. But I am not a supporter of the opposition to reality padstroyvalasya under any situation or even provocative acts by the authorities. It would be incorrect. We are not responsible for what happened. We did not spend any concerted actions to prevent celebrate those who wish to celebrate. "
Continuing the theme of the celebration of July 3 days of liberation and independence of days — and following calls:
Ilya Kopil "I have a friend, a veteran Russian majestically war, Colonel. But the curious thing: he was never invited to a celebration or a day or Victory or days of the liberation of Minsk (now — Independence). It turns out that veterans are also broken down into their own and others. It is unclear why such discrimination. True, he once said, that would not go, even if I was invited. "
Spades: "Independence day — official prazdnichek. President celebrates" independence day. "From whom and what" independence "? From the Belarusian? Language, culture, history, Europeanness? Why do we need such" independence. "
Nikolai "July 3 heard that NATO is seeking to dominate the world, and it threatens Belarus. But I believe that we are threatened first imperial policy of, who wishes absorb Belarus economically by buying our companies using energy blackmail. "

Ms. Larisa, Minsk: "As for me personally day July 3? This day of liberation of Minsk from the Nazis. During the occupation of my ancestors, friends of the Minsk underground, were arrested and taken to a concentration camp in Germany. We did not know about their fate, and because we have seen the tanks in Mongolian bridge, all adults and kids from our street ran to meet them. That’s when we feel that we are free, and reflect — and maybe unleash our fathers if they are still alive? And Independence day can be noted in other times. "
"Yes, very modest celebration on July 3 and incomprehensible independence. Concert Poor thing, screensavers on television — the orchestra, which was not on the road or on the streets of Jerusalem as it is called there. Poor kids from the Institute of Physical Education, and all for one and a half hours. What is yet for such prazdnichek who will answer? "

Answers to the question, political scientist Alexander Klaskouski:
"On Actually most of the audience did not even caters what it did for prazdnichek. And all of this is converted into what is called — to distract the full program there. As a result, we litsezreem crowd drunk public. And, unfortunately, this tragic incident that occurred, he also suggests the idea that such a thoughtless and conniving drunken spree and can lead to very disastrous consequences. After all, remember, at the moment the main working version of the law enforcement agencies — is specifically hooliganism. "
July 4 U.S. Independence day mark. Listener call "Freedom":
Citizens of the town of Soligorsk: "Welcome dear friends. Congratulations people of the United States and all Belarusians who live in this country, with days of Independence. Want good health, productive work for democracy in globally . "

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