Work experience of 45 years and 250 thousand rubles pension

July 20 began nominating candidates for the House of Representatives. The election is scheduled for September 28. Our students have expressed their views on the election campaign.
Spades: "These elections will be unfair, even we read about. And opposition only need to do the boycott. Many times I’ve said, that we have at the present time can only be presidents Pozniak or Shushkevich. And no one else to lay, even help them when they go together. "
Galina, Mogilev"Chutzpah Lukashenko no boundaries. He as aquarium fish is going to run in the parliamentary opposition 2-3 aquarium in which sharks, suckled Lukashenko. "

"Work experience 45 years, and the pension already 250 thousand rubles."

Prince"When do we start to choose the servants of the people, and not the servants of other breeds that were taken years for the people who are sitting in chairs on a couple of years, and any one of them for power ready to die because when they retire any of them will receive 2 million 200 thousand rubles. Compare this with their own retirement: it above your and how many times. Pronunciation last farmer, sovhoznikov later, the work experience of 45 years, and the pension already 250 thousand rubles. "
July 14 was held in Minsk unauthorized rally in support of the opposition, who were detained because suspected of involvement in the bombing on July 4. During the rally riot police beat favorite Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko.
Prince"In the web says that beat poor Liabedzka. There’s a picture: see Liabedzka lies, and who stands up there? Spetsnazovets unless, in white sneakers, shorts, huh? Stares for your gears and waiting for an answer: who is there to a picture is worth over the poor Liabedzka? "
Listener responds, press officer of UCP Vadim Treasurers:

"The man who ran — is his son. This is not a commando. When he saw his father lying on the ground, he ran. On the website of "Nasha Niva" has a video that shows that after the collision with the commandos Liabedzka falls to the ground. Then he went to the clinic and took a certificate in which fixed hematoma. "

From 18 to 20 July in Poland held music festival young Belarus "Basowiszcza." The winner of the contest was the creative group of Grodno "TLUSTA LUSTA"In the second place"SPITA / b F " from Minsk, on the 3rd — Mogilev team "Glitches. " SMS message from Andrew"Basowiszcza — raschudesny music festival. Visit it. For real Belarusian — this great event and a good rest. There soars Belarusian spirit. "
According to government statistics Zymbabve, inflation in this country is more than 2 million per cent a year and continues to grow every month. Our listener responds to the news.

If Lukashenko will stay in power for the same amount, then we catch Zymbabve and also become billionaires, but still poor.

Prince"In the African country Zymbabve appeared banknote 100 billion. Zimbabwean dollars. Their leader Robert Mugabe been in power for 28 years. Our guide, Lukashenko, in power for 14 years. So that Lukashenka quite time. If he will stay in power for the same amount, then we catch Zymbabve and also become billionaires, but still poor. "
Usually our students express their attitude to the management of Belarus:
Spades: "Lukashenko, we the people, not the slaves. Go to resign, we ask you, go. You have nothing fair. We do not live and have our being. Go to resign, we will feed you."
Finish the program from this call:
Cpadar Valentin, Minsk: "I — a personnel worker, working at the plant for 30 years. I and my comrades believe that your radio" Freedom "is very much needed, very much. Score 5 points for you. Try even more, as at the moment, many people seem to be transformed very hard at the moment we live. realize Belarusian radio, television reality staring becoming less and less people, I, for example, it almost did not include only sports applets. We need a breath of freedom, realize?-When we voted for Lukashenko, I believed him. He fooled us. Now faith he actually left. Now he is a political bankrupt and his associates already can not do anything. "
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